Carnelian, this stone is so excellent for so many reasons. I love the most about this crystal because when I look at it, I can feel its power. It looks like a fiery sunset with different tones of red, orange, and yellow. I can feel the fire, passion, and empowerment radiate out of it.

Let us start with a glance:

Colour: It can vary on the location the crystal was excavated and the environment. You can find Carnelian crystals anywhere from a dark brown-red mix to a light pink/yellow, and anywhere between the red colour spectrum.
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Chakra: Mainly, the Sacral Chakra, however, depending on the colour of your stone will determine the Chakra it is more suited for; the deep brown/red can be used for the Root, Red/orange is best suited for Sacral, the more yellow-coloured ones are best to assist in matters of the Solar Plexus.

History & Mythology

Carnelian History and mythology

Carnelian holds a lot of history; this stone was cherished by the ancients dating as far back as 300+ years BCE! Royalty and Noblemen would wear amulets for protection; Ancient warriors would adorn talismans to draw in the power of the sun and fire to gain strength and courage. Other cultures covered their deceased in Carnelian to protect their spirits from evil attacks and ensure their spirit’s rebirth.

Carnelian Properties in the Bodies

Carnelian - Properties in the bodies

Physical Body Properties: 

-Aids with lower back problems
-Relieve symptoms of arthritis
-Assists with symptoms of depression
-Aids in fertility complications
-Improves vitamin and mineral absorption
-It can also assist with the circulation of the lower body
-Stimulates healthy appetite
-Increases energy
-Relieve symptoms of PMS or menopause

Mental/Emotional Body Properties:

-Carnelian fills the wearer with:
-Overcome sexual anxiety
-Stimulates creativity
-Beneficial for males facing a mid-life crisis

Spiritual Body Properties- Carnelian is an excellent stone to start with when embarking on a new spiritual journey or to start a re-connection. The spiritual healing properties open us up energetically to allow the healing to begin in the spiritual body (soul). The path to achieving your goals is more natural to see when using the crystal during visualization practices.

-Energizes and stimulates action
-Indecision and procrastination seem to slip away
-A clearer sense of self will allow spiritual energy to flow more freely through the body and aura. The path to achieving your goals will be more easily visualized with the use of this crystal.

Different shades of Carnelian can also hold other properties such as;

True Orange – Feminine passion; receptive energy; fertility

Vibrant Red/Orange – Brown/Red – Signifies virile male energy; romantic desires; love; passion.

Ways to Incorporate Carnelian in your Life

Carnelian ways to use

Carnelian can be helpful for many things; its primary purpose is to bring power, passion, and courage to the wearer. It can also be a protection stone from negative energies and psychic attacks. It can also protect the wearer from poverty by bringing good luck and opportunities.

There are many ways to use any crystal to assist you, and please, if you are called to do something completely different, know that there is no wrong way to use a crystal. Just ensure it is cleansed, charged, and set with an intention. *Click here for information on this*

-Wear it; there is a lot of beautiful jewelry pieces out there, and wearing it is a lovely and easy way to get the energy of the stone in your system. (I can create an authentic and custom piece of jewelry for you as well, send me a message for details)

-Hold it; When we hold a crystal, we want to ensure we are holding it in our non-dominant hand; this is the receiving hand. You can keep it for 5-45 minutes, whatever you feel called to do until you begin to feel better, or ready to release it. You can do this in meditation or hold it. You can also carry it with you in your pocket, purse, or for the ladies, bra.

Placements in the home
-Place Carnelian stones in the south part of a room or home to bring illumination, energy, and warmth into the room or home. -Place near entrances of the house, garages, outer buildings, or at the desk at work to radiate positivity -If things are a little stagnant in the bedroom department’s passion, place one carnelian stone under each corner of the mattress. It will get passionate energy flowing.

Chakra Healing with Carnelian

Carnelian chakra healing

Carnelian is mostly used with the Sacral Chakra; the sacral is directly associated with our self-worth, passion, and sexuality, making it the perfect pair for this Chakra.

This Chakra connects the body to the mind through the emotions being felt; when the Chakra is healthy, the emotions are being processed healthily. However, if the Chakra is low in energy or not functioning correctly, we could be receptive to issues such as; co-dependency, repressed feelings, fear of sex, frustration, and an inability to feel joy.

Carnelian can assist with issues when the Chakra is out of balance, bringing you back to joy, loving life and self, and ready for sexual endeavours providing confidence and self-esteem.

Final Thoughts – Carnelian

Carnelian - Final thoughts

I adore the energy of Carnelian, and I frequently recommend it to my clients. Many of the people attracted to my work suffer from self-image issues, whether self-esteem, confidence, etc. These are the things Carnelian can help with; when you gaze into and see the carnelian crystal, you can’t help but feel motivated, encouraged, and worthy.

I have also received confirming claims of the added aid it brings my clients with joint pain and inflammation.

*as always, recommendations on this website are an added compliment for your regular medical treatment. I am not a medical doctor; please discuss with your medical practitioner.*

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about Carnelian as I did! It truly is a power stone and capable of catapulting you into a beautiful spiritual healing journey. As always, feel free to leave me any comments or questions below; you can also always send out an email as well to

Relevate the day,