Get ready for some major shifts with this major lunar event! Not only are we looking at a full moon in Sagittarius, but we are in a Venus retrograde during the Gemini season, AND we are entering eclipse season starting with a partial lunar eclipse with the full moon June 2020. Read on for some great info, and you can watch my live chat about it 

New Moon to Full Moon; Energy shifts

After the New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd, it left us facing some personal and collective truths. Some of which have been hard, really hard. Take a look at the world around us and what has been unfolding in front of us. Whether we recognize it or not, we are shifting and releasing energy like never before, with that comes change, and change always has some messy parts before the going gets good.

We are sorting through what has been working, what hasn’t, what is serving our highest and most authentic selves; that energy became evident over the last week. On some levels, we are getting the answers, personally or for the collective. You may not have been able to recognize it as yet. You may have noticed that your emotions are riding its very own roller coaster, up, down, and side to side. It may have been coming out in anger, sadness, confusion, fog, etc.

This is where the full moon in June 2020 will help.

Let’s explore what is going on during this lunar event on June 5th, 2020

The Powerhouses

The Powerhouses

This full moon June 2020 is bringing some power-house energies into our planet, let’s start with Sagittarius being the house in this full moon.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and with that brings about a lot of passion – some times, it can come out and may be perceived as aggressive. Sags are also all about big ideas and seeing the bigger picture in a situation. They are our intellectual thinkers, our truth seekers, and our warriors of injustice. It is the energy that we are seeing in the world right now. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, which helps to bring out expansion, joy, and growth. Although sometimes can be blunt and opinionated, it will help clear the path to the answers and truth you seek. This full moon June 2020 is a significant truth bringer as it lights the way forward with crisp, clear, definite terms.

The partial lunar eclipse – it may have you feeling like you’re drowning in all this energy, overwhelmed, and maybe dreading the week ahead. Remember, the eclipses can affect everyone differently, depending on the season, your sign, the year, and other factors. This event is just really about bringing the truth to light (we seem to have a running theme here in these events). It’s about transformation, becoming new and different from before because it has to change. Things are not working, and things are not serving you. If we remain tied up into these little boxes we used to fit into; there is nowhere to grow. This energy is begging for us to shift gears – explore and experiment like that of our Sagittarius brothers and sisters. It’s not time to become rigid and dogmatic. Push those boundaries and take your stand.

We have Mars in Pisces that gives us very questioning energy, asking why we feel we need to battle to earn our existence. Why do we need to earn, spend, battle, and buy our way into existence or loveability? It is a program we picked up a long time ago, and it’s the backbone of modern society. We are feeding on the fears of not being exactly enough as you are. Needing to buy things to prove status or worthiness, a battle for your place in the world – but your place is here among the rest, but why do we feel we have to fight for existence at all? We are challenging these programs. It affects how we love ourselves, how we allow ourselves to show up, how we love others, how we set boundaries, and how it affects our cultures.

Lastly, we have the Venus retrograde that is happening during the beginning of the eclipse season. It is a pretty big event, as this hasn’t happened with Sagittarius in the full moon in about ten years! Venus is the planet of love, values, and beauty. Retrograde is a term used when it appears as if the planet is moving backwards, and in this case, it may feel like each of those areas are being challenged, or even feeling like they are moving backwards as well.

The Square Off

All of these events are coming together at the exact right time for the collective. It feels like a stand-off or a battle that is emerging, and yes, it is, but maybe not quite what you think.

The Square off - Full moon June 2020

The square-off between these energies and planets are forcing us to have a look into the past. What is in our history? How does it affect us? What is not serving us? Are we prisoners of our past? Recognizing when and what to let go. Look at precisely what is happening right now, are you seeing history repeating itself? Are you seeing people not being heard and pushing the limits?

We are feeling our past right now in one way or another. Maybe it is dropping back into your life, suddenly people from the past are reaching out to you. It could also be coming to you in your dreams, dreaming of past situations or people. Historical events are happening again, although not the same, there is a familiarity here.

The full moon June 2020 is asking us to acknowledge the past but not to objectify it and turn it into this thing that decides who we are today. Who we are going to be through the next expansion, the next level up. This Sagittarius moon is asking us to look at what it is that we do want to expand, what we want to step into, how we can imagine beyond our usual limits of perception. To agree that the past is not an object that can physically hold us back any longer – we are capable of change.

This energy can help heal the collective. We as humans have endured a lot of pain, and agreeably some humans more than others – nevertheless the pain is happening now in many forms across the globe. There is violence, illness, and injustice. Acknowledge the pain, the hurt, and the injustices. But don’t get caught up in the lower vibrations of these actions to define you. These actions are the kind of things that the Sagittarius energy thrives. It thrives on the energy of change, the passion of righting the wrongs and standing tall with an unwavering passion for truth. Embrace this invitation from the Sagittarius moon; it does not want you to keep fitting into the box – it prevents your growth, prevents evolution, and plays history on repeat. It is not just for the self, but the collective. We all need massive healing from the pain and grief we’ve been experiencing for months, no matter your location.

It is time to recognize that what we think is still dictating who we are today and who we will be in the future. Make choices, and decisions about what we want, what we want to see changed, what beliefs we’ve held on to the keeps us in that box. It is a reminder that those things are just in the past, and it cannot define you if you do not allow it.

This lunar event is going to help you gain some clarity, get honest with yourself, how to forgive the past, let go of being “battle” ready, and allow in an expanded view of our lives. It can help us see how we can improve and heal the collective as well as the self. There is going to be a lot of fire bubbling up for you to witness. Witnessing this fire and passion is going to help you catapult into the changes needed for self and the globe. Stand together and stand tall.

Full Moon June 2020 – The Ritual

As usual with any moon content, I am providing a step by step ritual that will assist you with witnessing your emotions, allowing them to be released, and stand up in your power.

Full Moon June 2020 - The Ritual

What you will need:

  • Journal/paper and pen
  • Smudging tool (sage, palo santo, incense, essential oils)
  • Metal bowl, or a safe space to burn paper
  • 639 Hz heart chakra music (you can find this on YouTube or Spotify, just search the frequency)


  1. Start by smudging your meditation space and self. While smudging, set your intention for the ritual by stating, “With this full moon ritual, I am practicing witnessing my emotions and the art of releasing the past that holds me back. I open my heart to accept and love myself exactly as I am, exactly where I am” – or something to that effect which resonates with you
  2. Write it out – take some time to dump all the emotions that you are feeling, describe the feelings right down to where you may be feeling it in your body. Write out all the things from the past that you think may be holding you back. Now take your paper(s) and set it on fire (please safely do this in a safe space, or if unable to burn just tear it up) As the paper burns or tears, say: “by burning this paper, I release all the emotions and past events that hold me back today. I cut all cords and ties to these old programs that are no longer serving my highest self. I give thanks to the lessons, and see them for what they are, now it is time to go.”
  3. Get into a comfortable position either sitting or laying down (under the moon is the most powerful place to be, but if that is not possible, by a window will work)
  4. Find the 639 Hz heart chakra music to help open the heart to self-forgiveness of the things you released, and to open the heart to compassion on all levels. Find a track that is at least 20 minutes – or set a soft timer to go off after 10 minutes if you can only find long ones.
  5. After your meditation, do a quick body scan, take the time to concentrate on each body part, and if there is any remaining tension or unease, send breath to it. Acknowledge that it is there, thank it for the reminder, and release it with the breath.
  6. OPTIONAL – In the New Moon in Gemini blog, I gave instructions on making moon water, I would recommend making a new batch for the full moon. See instructions here – scroll down to the ritual section.

Set It Free

Let this bring you some clarity as to why you may have been feeling the way that you have been. Between the New Moon and this Full Moon lunar event, a lot has been happening in the energy fields. We are becoming more and more aware, awake, and raising vibrations. It’s been emotionally exhausting the last two weeks, since the new moon we’ve been going through growth, making decisions, manifesting, and gaining clarity on the many truths.

Remember that the full moon signifies completion, the height of power, realizations of desire, and clarity. Take some time to celebrate the growth along the journey and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Relevate the day,

Anna – xo