Crystal Library

Welcome to the Crystal Library – the quick reference guide. In here you will find not only crystal information, but minerals, and metals as well.

This section is currently under construction, I am working diligently to get as much information on here as possible. Thank you for your patience and coming to Gemstorm Relevation for your Crystal needs ?

Agate – Calms feelings of anger. Gives feelings of security. Improves focus and concentration.

There are a variety of colours and types of Agate, this is a general list that each contains.

Alexandrite – Balances emotional states. Increases self-esteem. Aids bringing in change. Brings happiness and success. Intensify feelings of love and sensuality.

Amber – Powerful healer. Reduces stress. Aids symptoms of depression. Improves short term memory. Useful in past life work.

Amazonite – Soothing energy. Relieves worry. Blocks negative energy. Brings courage. Aids in taking a stand against injustices. Reduces Anger. Energize lazy teens.

Ametrine – Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, so it also holds the properties of both individual crystals. Calms the mind. Balances and soothes emotions. Stimulates creativity. Supports taking control of one’s life.

Apatite – Stone of manifestation. Helpful with weight loss. Lifts apathy. Clears confusion. Eases difficult relationships. Improves communication. Use in meditation to improve psychic abilities.

Apophyllite – Reduces Stress and Anxiety. Amplifies the energy of the space and crystals around it. Opens to spiritual awakening. Raises the vibration of the user.

Aqua Aura – Aids communication with the physical and spiritual world. Can activate all chakras when they are in balance. Activates soul energy. Relaxes the emotional body.

Angelite – Embodies the vibration of Angels. Heightens awareness of other realms. Invokes connection with the Celestial world. Opens communication between others, and to the spirit world.

Amethyst – Aids with sleep. Soothes mind body and soul. Psychic protection. Psychic abilities increase. The all healing crystal. Dream recall. Aids in overcoming addictions. Soothes anger.

Aquamarine – Courage stone. Stress reducer. Contains the power of Aphrodite. It helps couples reestablish healthy communication. Assists with the fear of water. Increases intuition.

Aventurine – Good luck stone. Increases compassion. Brings prosperity.

Aventurine can come in a variety of colours (Green Aventurine pictured) that hold their unique properties, listed above are common properties in all Aventurine crystals.

Azurite – Psychic stone. Opens the mind to new perspectives. Releases stress and confusion. Connected to sacred powers.

Banded Calcite– Cleanses the environment of negative or stagnant energies. Add high vibration to the space. Eases emotional stress. Calms the mind. Connects the emotions with the intellect.

Black Tourmaline – Energy protection. Increases vitality. Removes negative energies for the user/space. Stabilizes emotions. Protects the Chakras. Relieves fears.

Black Obsidian – Shields negativity from entering the aura. Gives clarity. Emotional Strength. Aids the release of sorrows. Natural pain reliever. Wizard’s stone.

Bloodstone – Increases creativity. Boosts energy. Cleanses the blood and major organs. Aids with decision making. Protects against bullies. Attracts money.

Blue Calcite – Alleviates symptoms of anxiety. Releases negative emotions. Soothes nerves. Dissolves pain. Soothes the emotional body.

Blue Chalcedony – Mental flexibility. Improves memory. A creative stone. Provides optimism. Improves self-perception. Provides nurturing energy. Emotional balance.

Blue Goldstone – Uplifting. Promotes vitality. Soothe physical swelling. Aids with confidence and ambition. Deflects unwanted energies. Protective crystal.

Brecciated Jasper – A stone of strength and vitality. Brings mental clarity. Stabilizes the aura. Promotes good health. Decreases stress. Balance and grounding.

Bronzite – Increases seal-esteem. Promotes decision making. Dispels negativity. Enhances creativity. Ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Carnelian – Motivational stone. Aids with fertility. Relieves addiction to food. Eases symptoms of arthritis. Increases creativity. Brings in empowerment and confidence. Removes doubt and despair.

Citrine – Prosperity stone. Increases happiness. Holds pure sunlight energy. Assists the digestive system. Clear negative energy. Assists with creative writing.

Clear Quartz – Master healer. Energy amplifier. Aids concentration. Aids through new beginnings. Pure Yang energy. Stone of health, wealth, and happiness.

Dalmatian Jasper – Grounding energy. Brings in joy. Strengthens familial loyalty. Cleanses auric field. Very connected to the Animal kingdom.

Emerald – Aids in successful relationships. Brings harmony. Aids with eyesight. Increases inner radiance. Protects women against violence. Not suitable for animals or children.

Fluorite – boosts self-esteem. Radiates positive energy. Neutralizes negative energy. Aids with learning. Increases concentration. Aids with decision making.

Fuchsite – Increases focus. Increases self-worth. Grants blessings and fortune. Aids in recovery from illness. Brings inspiration.

Garnet – Purifies energy. Removes inhibitions. Attracts wealth. Reawakens survival instincts. Aids separation anxiety in dogs.

Goldstone – Brings in positive energy. Attracts prosperity. Uplifts the spirit. Releases blocks in the bodies. Stone of ambition.

Halite – aka rock salt. Brings peaceful energy. Calms the nervous system. Opens the mind to receive clarity.

Hematite – Protects the aura. Provides courage and strength. Powerful self-healing stone. Banishes irrational fears.

Howlite – Stress reliever. Aids insomnia. Calming energy. Promotes physical health. Encourages integrity. Aids with visualization practices. Helps children with fear of the dark.

Jade – Good fortune and prosperity. Brings wisdom, serenity, and protection. Use to aid with lucid dreaming. Gardeners stone. Attracts friendships.Transmits life force energy.

Kyanite – Brings tranquility. Increases psychic ability. Brings in positive energy. A stone of connection. Dissolves hostility and spite. Creative crystal. Assists with past life recall.

Labradorite – Transformation stone. Brings strength and enthusiasm. Shamans stone. Strengthens the immune system. Repairs the aura. Counters stress and co-dependency.

Lapis Lazuli – Brings protection, calm, peace, and harmony. Aids with self-expression. Helps rise above pettiness. Assists with clairvoyant abilities.

Lava Stone – Dispels anger. Aids through transformational re-birth. Brings balance. Stong Earth energy. Helps with chronic skin conditions.

Leopard Jasper – Aids through self-healing practices. Brings in balance. Assists with emotional re-birth. A stone of regeneration; Look and feel younger. Promotes accelerated physical and emotional healing.

Lepidolite – Emotional healing. Brings in self-love and independence. Aids with sleep. Strong feminine energy. Helpful to those with mental illness. Attracts supportive friends.

Moss Agate – A stone of new beginnings. Aids with self-esteem and stress relief. Brings nurturing and patience. Encourages a balanced attitude.

Onyx – Aids with self-confidence. Brings in happiness, and good fortune. Absorbs sorrows. Assists with concentration. Self-empowerment.

Opalite – Brings in positivity. Aids with meditation. Brings out inner strength. improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. Assists through transitions.

Moonstone – Aids with inner-growth. Brings in strength. Increases intuition. Women’s stone – connected to the divine goddess – the moon.

Malachite – Brings in unconditional love; connecting with the heart chakra. Cleanses the auric field. Travel protection. Can ease migraines.