This is article one for chakra lessons – root chakra. We will look at all the issues that can arise when the root chakra is out of balance. These issues can affect each of the bodies differently; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. (You can find the video to this blog here)

First, let us have a glance.

  • Colour – Red
  • Key issues: Sexuality, lust, obsession, childhood trauma
  • Physical – Sexuality
  • Mental – Stability
  • Emotional – Sensuality
  • The element associated with chakra – Earth
  • Sanskrit word – Muladhara – “Root and basis of existence.”

Chakra Lessons - Root Chakra

Chakra Lessons – Root – Intro

Grounding or “rooting” us is the primary function of this chakra. It is crucial because grounding connects us to the mother earth energy. This energy is vital; if there are any imbalances in the root, we will have problems pulling the energy up into all the chakras creating further imbalances.

The root is considered the first chakra and is connected to the first seven years of life; This chakra develops between the ages of 0-7. Any traumas from childhood are here. Survival tendencies are also born here. A lot of our adult complexes and emotional issues are developed at this stage, whether we are aware or not.

The root is also the filtration system of the aura; this is where toxic energy goes to be expelled into the Earth. If we are experiencing blocks, those negative energies get blocked in our systems – creating “dis-ease” in the physical body.

Chakra Lessons – Root – Stability and SecurityChakra Lessons - Root - Security

The root is the foundation of life. Confidence in who we are and whom we trust are functions of this chakra. If early life felt safe and protected, there is a good chance your root chakra is well-balanced, and you are a more trusting and trustworthy person. However, if anything happened in the first seven years of life that left you feeling unsafe or insecure, those emotions can block the root chakra.

A block in the root can make us feel stuck in the survival mode of; Flight, Freeze or Fight. Being stuck in survival mode is energetically draining. It will be hard to trust anyone, maybe even yourself. You may view life and other humans as frightening, creating anxiety and panic.

Chakra Lessons – Root – Symptoms of a blocked or overactive Chakra

When the Root Chakra is blocked or overactive, physical symptoms can manifest. Some things to look out for if you suspect yours may have a block.

  • Blocked abundance from entering our lives
  • Family dysfunction
  • Cultural issues and conflicts
  • Lack of feeling grounded or secure/safe
  • Undependable
  • Feeling incapable of managing day-to-day life
  • Arousal issues
  • Physical weakness
  • Weight imbalance
  • Fatigue

What causes a block in the root chakra?

There are many things we could look at as to why, but in general, if you experienced;

  • Childhood traumas
  • Poor parental relationships
  • Impatience
  • Financial difficulties
  • Poverty (as it threatens survival)
  • Physical abuse
  • Physical neglect
  • Fear of change
  • Selfishness

All of these can contribute to blocks, and some of these events may be happening daily. This is where we have to get clear that healing is needed. I recommend you to hire a reiki practitioner to help you release anything ready to go and learn ways to prevent events that can create blocks.

Symptoms of an overactive Root Chakra

  • Anxiety and panic attacks – from seemingly nowhere
  • Irrational fears that hold you back in life
  • Insecure
  • Overthinking
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Emotional disconnect
  • Physical body disconnect
  • Anger/Rage
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Hypochondria
  • Eating disorders
  • excessive concern about money and material objects

Causes of an overactive Root Chakra

  • Abandonment in formative years
  • Clinging to security and food
  • Codependency issues
  • Inflexible to routine changes

Chakra Lessons – Root – Helpful tools

you have looked over the lists and feel like one or more of these ailments might be you, here are some things that can assist you.

Chakra Lessons - Root - tools

Crystals that can help support the Root Chakra.

Red Jasper – the root chakra can vibrate based on our fears, and Red Jasper is the perfect crystal to assist you to overcome fears, and any programming of fears you received as a child. It was known as a stone of the warriors in ancient tribes. It provided protection, courage, will, and virility. For women, it also very helpful with matters of fertility.

Black Tourmaline – This crystal actually can counter negative energy, so if the negative self-talk is one of your depressive symptoms, it will help you change the chatter in your head and gear it towards positivity, and a positive body image. It helps to ground the root chakra in the Earth’s energy; this can aid with symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. Helps to bring thoughts and feelings into alignment,

Essential oils that support the Root Chakra

Any essential oil that comes from Earth is going to help bring the grounding energy of the root chakra into the body. Most essential oils are plant-based, so focus on the oils from trees or roots. You can try

  • Cedarwood
  • Patchouli
  • Myrrh

Yoga poses to help open the Root Chakra.

Yoga is beneficial on many levels, mind, body and soul. Still, we’ve been able to find specific poses that open the root and allows stagnant energies to release and also help to bring the earth energy up through our spines from our feet.

  • Warrior 1 pose
  • Triangle
  • Eagle

Chakra Lessons – Root – Final Thoughts

Chakra Lessons - Root - Final thoughts

At the end of the day, we all want to have a life filled with joy, vitality, and peace.

We want to be healthy. Look at the world and how much has shifted towards more natural solutions for everything, from eating to cleaning, from mixing Eastern and Western medicine practices, etc. The bottom line is to take care of yourself and your family.

The best way to serve your loved ones is by taking care of yourself first – and no, that is not selfish; in fact, it is probably the least selfish thing you can do. Being a happy and balanced person will shift the surrounding energies, allowing a more profound connection with people and self. We all want that, right? Even my fellow introverts need to have their people, but when our chakra system is unbalanced, it is hard for us to tell what feelings are real or fear-based, who we can and cannot trust, creating craters in our lives.

I encourage you to find a reiki practitioner to help you with this. If you resonate with what I say here, you can always reach out to me. I offer distance reiki energy healing that can help you feel so much better. Even if it is just a better night’s sleep than you’ve had in a while, or maybe you will get a message from the universe, or you will release something so big that a weight gets lifted off of you. Give it a try. If you are an incredibly open person ready to release, you may feel massive shifts after just one session. If you a person with some blocks or some overactive energies in the chakras, it may take more sessions. Accept where you are and choose to make your happiness a priority right now, today. It will change everything around you.

Until next time,

Relevate the day – Anna xo