Amethyst is the most widely used and known crystal globally; it is often referred to as the “All healer.” There is an abundance of this radiant energy available on the planet. We will dive into the rich history; properties, uses, and so much more.

Let us begin with a glance:

Colour: Pale lilac to deep purple
Zodiac: Aquarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

History & Mythology

Amethyst - History & Mythology

Amethyst has many meanings throughout history and cultures.
-In Egypt, it is considered the stone of integrity, given to soldiers not to lose courage in battle.
-In the Christian church, it is considered a gem of purity – primarily associated with Bishops.
-Stone of the Buddha, popular stone to use in prayer beads.
-In northern regions of Africa, they call it the rain making stone; they use it to relieve drought and bring rain

The most interesting part of Amethysts’ history is the Greek mythology associated with it. Amethyst is said to have been a young virgin by that name; she became the object of wrath by the Greek God Dionysus after he became intoxicated with red wine. Amethyst cried out to the Goddess Diana for help, and Diana turned Amethyst into a shimmering white stone (quartz). Once the Greek God became aware of what had happened, he felt remorseful for his actions, and tears landed in his goblet of wine. The goblet overturned; the wine spilled all over the white rock that was Amethyst – saturating it until it became purple quartz known as Amethyst. Amethyst in Greek is Amethustos, and its translation is “undrunken” – it is said that due to the incident with the young virgin, wearing and using the Amethyst crystal helps prevent the effect of alcohol.

Amethyst Properties in the Bodies

Aemthyst properties in the bodies


Physical body properties

-Relieve symptoms of insomnia
-Brings peaceful sleep
-Can protect against technological pollutants (cell phones, cell towers, power, etc.)
-Strengthens the immune system
-Assists with diseases of the lungs and  respiratory tract
-Assists the stomach and liver
-Soothes headaches
-Maintains blood sugar balance
-Can assist with eye strain – keep a piece on top of your computer to help eyes
-Boosts the production of hormones
-Supports better oxygen levels in the body
-Can aid in reducing swelling
-Can assist with hearing disorders

Mental body properties:

-Stress reduction
-Supportive with overcoming addictions
-Aids with frequent nightmares
-Aids with decision making
-Increases intelligence
-Relieves symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder
-Aids hyperactivity in children
-Curbs overindulgence

Emotional body properties:

-Stress reduction
-Soothes anger and impatience
-Balances mood swings
-Alleviates sadness and grief
-Alleviates exhaustion
-Increases passion
-Assists with any emotions that may arise with new endeavours, or things heading in a new direction

Spiritual body properties:

-Effective in meditation
-Assists in developing clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities
-Effective with past life recall
-Activates spiritual awareness
-Associated with 3rd eye and crown chakras
-Brings inner-peace
-Can dispel dark energies
-Aids with clairvoyance, and clairaudience
-Can facilitate past life regression
-Gives beautiful psychic dreams
-Expands the higher mind
-Provides a connection with the divine
-Purifies the aura
-Protects against psychic attacks

Uses for Amethyst

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by amazing artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grids, beautiful energy enters the home or a room where you lay a grid. You can do this one in many ways.
-First, we have different grid mats that you can use so you know the placement of the crystals and call in the energy of the various ancient geometric patterns.
-You can place a crystal on each outside corner of the home on each floor to grid an entire house.
-Or, you can place one in each corner of the room you are gridding.

Chakra Healing with Amethyst

Chakra Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst carries a very high frequency with it; it attunes mostly with the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras (soul star and stellar gateway).

The Third Eye Chakra is the center of our perception of the outside world and events. It is also the command center where we receive messages from our highest self (God, guides, universe, whatever you call it). When this chakra is in balance, we can see who we truly are, know our desires, and have healthy internal dialogues. However, if the chakra is not in balance, we can struggle with seeing and knowing who we are, with little awareness of what is happening in relationships all around us. The darker purple Amethyst assists with the balancing of this Chakra. You can use it in any of the ways listed above, or you could lay down with the crystal on the chakra and meditate with it on.

The Crown Chakra is the control center of thoughts and how we react. It is also the gateway to an expanded mind and connection to the collective consciousness. When this Chakra is balanced, all energies are balanced through the bodies. Imbalances can cause confusion, brain fog, and difficulties managing day to day life. Use lighter Amethyst for balancing the Crown Chakra.

Final Thoughts

Amethyst Final Thoughts

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal; the energy is unlike any other. As you have read above, it covers so many things that it can aid and assist with, especially sleep issues. I recommend everyone have a piece like pictured above near their bed. It will help keep bad dreams away, bring pleasant dreams in, and full restful sleep – and who doesn’t want that?

If you feel like you are having some issues with your Third Eye or Crown Chakra, use the Amethyst to help. If you are not feeling a shift in the energy, reach out for your Reiki session.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo