This is article two in the chakra lessons – sacral chakra. We will look at all the issues that can arise when the sacral chakra is out of balance. These issues can affect each of the bodies differently; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. You can find the video to this blog here.

Chakra Lessons - Sacral Chakra

First, let’s have a glance:

Colour – Orange
Key issues – Relationships, violence, addictions
Physical body – Reproduction
Mental body – Creativity
Emotional body – Joy
Spiritual – Enthusiasm
Element – Water
Sanskrit word – Svadhisthana – “Where your being is established.”

Chakra Lessons – Sacral – intro

The sacral chakra is the center of self-expression and joy. When this chakra is in balance, we feel happy and emotionally balanced. We enjoy meeting new people and having them in our space, and we are generally a lot more friendly. Creativity flows like a river, and our passion and desire fuel us. We have a strong sense of self, and our faith in our choices is strong.

When the Sacral is not functioning at it’s best, it can manifest into different ailments that can affect any or all the bodies. It can lead us to feel unsafe, insecure, prone to addiction, violent outbursts, and so much more. Let’s take a look below at what effects can happen when the Sacral Chakra is blocked or over-active with energies.

Chakra Lessons – Sacral – Creativity and Sexuality

Chakra Lessons - Sacral Chakra - Creativity and sexuality

This chakra is developed between the ages of 8-14. At this time, the Sacral Chakra is beginning to open, creating pre-pubescent hormonal imbalances, and it will likely facilitate puberty in this age range.

Self-esteem and the self-expression begin to develop at this stage as well. We are most connected to creative flow during these years. Any traumas or emotional issues that happen at these ages will develop your “program” towards sexuality and creativity.

If you had reliable support systems in place through the transition that puberty brings, you likely have a very healthy relationship with your body, comfortable with your sexuality, and are pretty clear on who you are and what you like. You will likely have open and clear communication in your intimate relationships.

Stress in this chakra causes us to put up our “defensive walls” to avoid our true feelings, and this may cause some people to relationship jump and feeling like they just cannot “settle down.” It is necessary to release past fears, disillusionments, and disappointing relationship expectations. All of these un-needed energies will imprint itself in this chakra, creating feelings of rigid control, overprotectiveness, jealousy, anger, and the inability to receive love truly.

Chakra Lessons – Sacral – Symptoms of a blocked or over-active Sacral chakra

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked or overactive, physical symptoms can manifest. Some things to look out for if you suspect yours may have a block.

  • Block in the creative flow
  • Lack of inspiration/motivation
  • Feelings of being unsafe
  • Unable to experience intimacy
  • Low sex drive
  • Self-isolating
  • Anti-social behaviours
  • Depressive thoughts/patterns
  • Reproductive issues
  • Kidney or Bladder stones
  • Slow digestion
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lower back pain

What causes a block in the Sacral Chakra

Many daily events can cause blockages, with a routine of self-care; it can be avoided unless there have been more significant challenges in young life. Any kind of sexual assault, if gone untreated (by a therapist or other modalities), can create a massive block leaving that person detached and emotionless.

  • Stress
  • illness
  • Emotional upset
  • Conflicts
  • Sexual traumas
  • Intimate abuse

Symptoms of an overactive Sacral Charka

  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Frequent mood swings
  • overly social
  • Co-dependency
  • Inability to finish projects
  • Lack of focus and discipline
  • Avoid deep thoughts or emotions
  • Bouts of anxiety
  • Physical issues could be found in the Kidney, Bladder, Digestive or Reproductive systems, and hormonal imbalances

Causes of an overactive Sacral Chakra

  • Addictive behaviours with food, sex, and drugs
  • Bottled emotional traumas from ages 8-14
  • Feelings of abandonment in childhood
  • Lack of discipline

Chakra Lessons – Sacral – Helpful Tools

If either of the lists resonates with you, here are some things that can assist you.

Chakra Lessons - Sacral Chakra - Tools

Crystals that can help support the Sacral Chakra.

Carnelian – This crystal has a fantastic energy to it. It can help you to feel empowered in your own body and help clear those survival instincts that keep you stuck in fear. It’s very warm and loving energy that provides strength and independence. It can also be helpful with sexual dysfunctions. You can place a carnelian crystal directly on the sacral chakra, and it will begin to cleanse and clear the chakra. Fun Fact: Carnelian is also an amazing anti-inflammatory crystal, you can place it directly on a pain point to help reduce the intensity of the pain

Emerald – This crystal is all about calm. If you are experiencing more of the overactive traits, placing the emerald on the sacral (or any chakra really) to help bring peace and calm to the center allowing healing to begin.

Moonstone or Aquamarine – you will want either of these when things are feeling chaotic and out of control. If you resonated with many traits on both sides, blocked and overactive, the energy is chaotic in there. This doesn’t equal bad, just lay down with either crystal on the sacral to help bring you balance. Both of them are water element crystals and can assist with the emotional waves that come when one is feeling out of control.
– As a little side note, we don’t control anything. A topic of discussion for another day, but the feeling of out of control can be very unsettling if you do not know how to manage and assist it –

Essential oils that support the Sacral Chakra

Any floral essential oil will benefit the Sacral Chakra; this is the center for femininity – emotions. Floral oils are very emotionally healing as a general rule. However, here is a list of the most commonly used for the Sacral Chakra

  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine
  • Rose Oil
  • Ylang-Ylang (high feminine energy)
  • Champaca

Yoga poses to open the Sacral Chakra

Yoga is beneficial on many levels, mind, body and soul. Still, we’ve been able to find specific poses that open the Sacral Chakra and allows stagnant energies to release and also help to enable the energy to flow up from the root healthily and vibrantly.

  • Twisting triangle
  • Extended lateral angle pose
  • Pose of Shiva

Final Thoughts

Chakra Lessons - Sacral Chakra - Final thoughts

All of the Chakra centers are vital, but this one is especially important. This is where desire, passion, and sexuality lives – this is the fire element of our bodies. It burns brightly and fiercely. Let it shine.

People that have low self-esteem likely have some sort of block in their chakra that is aligned with past trauma or emotion that got bottled away, programming you to believe that you will never be good enough. Well, guess what?! You are made perfectly; you are exactly as you are supposed to be. If there are things that you don’t like about yourself, ask the question, why? Why do I feel that I am not enough? My parents? My experiences growing up? Something an adult told me?

We all have choices in life, and more than what to have for dinner tonight. We choose what is enough; we decide to see experiences as good or bad. We make those connections at a young age because somebody along the way told us in one way or another that we were not good enough, and as children, we generally accept whatever we are told as truth. Bam, now you have a limiting belief. Some times these people have no idea the implications their words may have on a child, and there is nobody to blame, for the most part, words of worry are expressed in keeping us “safe,” but sets a pattern in a young child’s mind that they were wrong, or not smart enough to do/know better. And honestly, these effects may not even show until we get older and begin to recognize these patterns repeating, the thoughts, the behaviours the addictions etc.

Be mindful and aware of what actions are possibly creating blocks, and be willing to love yourself enough to seek help and support when/where you need it. I am a reiki practitioner that can do energy healings through distance, and I am happy to hold a space of support and healing for you. Find someone locally that you have a connection. Just commit to yourself that you will make the time a priority for your health, and to ensure the happiness within that attracts better functioning relationships, and certain ease and flow in life.

Until next time,

Relevate the day — Anna xoxo