Welcome, today we are chatting about Healing with the Moon. With the focus on Full Moon Energy and what your focus should be on during a Full Moon. 

What is the energy of a Full Moon?

Healing with the Moon - Full Moon Energy

Generally speaking, full moons are a time to reflect on the results of new moon wishes/manifestations, focus on forgiveness and fill the space created with gratitude. At this time, wishes (manifestations) should be coming to fruition somehow, or at the very least clear direction and guidance from the universe, be ready to keep your eyes and ears open. 

Full moons are yang energy that can sometimes make things feel forceful, like coming to a head with past traumas or events that need healing. It is forceful in the most loving of ways, though, encouraging and pushing you to forgive and let go because, in the end, it is what is best for your higher self and purpose. 

Healing with the Moon – A time of reflection

Healing with the Moon - Reflection

It will encourage you to reflect on all of the events that happened in the weeks of a full lunar cycle: 

  • what has happened? 
  • What worked? 
  • What didn’t work? 
  • What emotions do you feel ready to release? 
  • Is there anything you are willing or able to forgive?

Healing with the Moon- Purpose of Forgiveness

Healing with the Moon - Forgiveness

When we can forgive events, situations, and people, we can release karma and detox our souls from those negative vibes. That will help you release negative patterns, toxic thoughts, habits, ways of being negative, and even toxic people. When we release and forgive, it gives our energetic body room to grow. Fill the spaces and growth with gratitude; this will create a very high vibration that will help bring in all of the good stuff the universe has waiting for us.

What Should I Focus on During a Full Moon?

Healing with the Moon - Focus

Healing with the Moon with Forgiveness

Full moons are essentially about a “clean slate”; release what you don’t want – holding on to low vibrational emotions will attract more of it. If you have guilt, fear, disappointment, and jealousy;
For the Full Moon Focus, we need to spend some time acknowledging the feelings, forgiving them, and letting them go; It is a process.

When we hang on to these low vibe emotions, it brings energy into our aura that creates blocks in the chakras, which will block our ability to manifest our new moon wishes. Releasing and letting go of those emotions will take inner-work, and not everybody is ready for that, and that is ok. If you can even find just one little minor thing to release that has been taking up any brain space, you will feel a shift, and you will begin a beautiful connection start with the moon and the earth.

To see a step-by-step forgiveness practice, see it here.

Be willing – that’s all it takes

Just be willing to look within, heal, shift blocks, and shed the past. The full moon can sometimes shine or “illuminate” the darker side of ourselves. Do no fear it; we all have this side of us because, without the darkness, we cannot appreciate the lighter side. See it, shift it as best as you can – always choose to have the bright side win.

Healing with the Moon with Gratitude

After making space in the heart space by forgiving and letting go of things, it’s important to fill that space with gratitude. 

Gratitude is an essential process to help raise your vibration, fill your heart with joy, and feel good. When the vibration is increased and we have joy in our body, it helps us attract the things we want vs. the things we do not. It helps to put thoughts and feelings into alignment – helping manifestation to come. This is crucial because in just two weeks, the new lunar cycle of a New Moon will dawn, and this is where we plant the seeds of our wishes/manifestation. 

Suppose we are filled with nothing but anger, resentment, fear, loathing, etc. We will do nothing but continue to attract those very same vibrations. If forgiveness is not something you are ready for, start small with gratitude. This alone will help you raise your vibration to help you feel good about starting to let things go. 

Healing with the Moon – Final Thoughts

Healing with the Moon - Final Thoughts

It’s tough. This work can be difficult. I get it; I truly do. I walk along this path with you, not ahead of you. No matter where you are, there is always something to let go of and release. The thing is, though, that it is completely worth it. It is worth the time and energy – YOU are worth the time and energy. 

Doing these practices can help you get a clear picture of where you want to go and how you will get there. Stop living small. Do you know what your chances of being here right now at this time even is? Very, very low. You are unique, and you have a purpose. You are worth it to remove blocks, and you need to heal to become the best version of yourself and unleash the purpose of your existence so you can share it with the world. It has to be shared. We all have a role. 

Be brave, and be willing – you are worth it. Take the time to do these exercises, take up opportunities for group events, or sign up for some one-on-one time with me to help you meet people and uplift your soul, dig closer or deeper into your purpose. We all need a little help and guidance from time to time, and there is no guilt or shame in that. I am here for you. 

Thank you for reading, and we will chat again soon. I hope to hear of your Moon Ritual experiences and see you in some group or one-on-one events. 

Relevate the day,


Anna W.

Anna Wheatcroft

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