Selenite is a truly beautiful crystal. It has captured my eye and heart for years now. I love how pure it is, just pure white light and love radiate through it. For some reason, it reminds me of frosted glass, and I have been obsessed with frosted glass for as long as I can remember. Selenite has a beautiful history, and I look forward to diving in about this crystal with you today.

First, let’s take a glance;

Colour: White – Sometimes transparent or semi-transparent. Because it is a Satin Spar crystal bands of moving white light that resembles satin.
Zodiac: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Chakra: Crown

History & Mythology

Selene the Moon Goddess

Many ancient cultures had several different goddesses to symbolize the moon. However, in Greek, Selene is translated to the moon. So, they believe Selenite to be the embodiment of the Moon Goddess as she is tranquillity, blessing, love and light.

Selenite is revered for its transparency and ethereal radiance the crystal provides. It is just like the Moon as it reflects a pure white light beam to any space it is in. Selenite inspires peace and high vibration. It is one of the most powerful crystals to aid in opening the Crown Chakra. It is ideal for meditation, spiritual work, connecting to ancient knowledge – aids in connecting with spirit guides and the spiritual realm.

It is a crystal used as a talisman for Women, aiding in bringing balance and harmony, also aiding with fertility and motherhood. It is very supportive through all cycles of life.

Selenite properties in the bodies

Selenite properties in the bodies


Physical Body

-Aligns spinal column
-Aids treatment of issues in the skeletal system
-Reverses the effect of free radicals
-Aids symptoms of ADD
-Heals cells in the body

Mental Body

-Clears confusion
-Helps the user to see the bigger picture
-Aids in decision making
-Gives the user a clear state of mind
-Helps to dispel fears

Emotional Body

-Calms mood swings
-Stabilizes erratic emotions
-Helps to remove feelings of jealousy and doubt
-Aids the user to move forward in life

Spiritual Body

-Clears blockages in the energy field
-Boosts vitality
-Connects with universal truth
-Activates the ethereal chakras
-Opens the cosmic doorway
-Brings in the Divine light
-Clears negativity from the energetic system
-Connects to the higher self
-Aids with psychic communication
-Aids with past life recall

Uses for Selenite

Selenite Uses

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra.

Wear it in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by outstanding artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to release stress, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some clarity, place it in the non-dominant.

Crystal Grid – Selenite is the perfect pick if you want to bring in peace, balance, and calm. Place a piece of Selenite in each corner of the home to bring in the Divine Light.

Charging – You can use Selenite as a cleanser and charger of your other crystals. If you notice the energy in your crystals have diminished, place it on or around a piece of Selenite to clear away the negative energies the crystal may be holding and recharge it with positivity.

Caution!! Selenite will dissolve in water, be sure not to get your precious Selenite wet.

Chakra Healing with Selenite

Chakra Healing with Selenite

Selenite is most useful with the Crown Chakra. However, Selenite is the purifier and can clear blockages from all the chakras and the Aura.

The Crown Chakra is the gateway to the Universe, and it controls our thoughts and actions in the world. It is the connection to spirituality. It is connected with the higher planes of existence and is the source of Universal consciousness and truth. When this Chakra is in balance, it permits the other Chakras to be in balance. It opens the mind to the knowledge of purpose. The white light of Selenite is a tool in activating the Ethereal Chakras. These Chakras attunes you to enlightenment and truth. Selenite can provide a connection to the higher self and opens the cosmic doorway to other realms.

Final Thoughts

I have always connected with Selenite, and I am honoured to be here and share this knowledge with you. I personally feel that Selenite needs to be in everyone’s homes. It brings so much balance and peace to the space, but also the bodies. I love that it has such a strong connection to the Moon and its energy – as I feel very connected to that as well, and likely why I have always felt a connection with it.

If you use crystals at all, Selenite is a handy tool in keeping your crystals functioning well and amplifying the crystals’ properties on or near it. I personally have Selenite charging disks to cleanse my crystals, especially between Reiki sessions, as it can clear and charge the crystals quickly for the next session.

Meditating with Selenite will protect you from dark energies entering the aura, and it connects directly with the Divine light – bringing peaceful and balanced energy.

You can find selenite in just about every form; palm stone, charging plate, heart, tower, wands, rods, cord-cutting sword, candle holders, and so on. It is fairly easy to find, with many it available, so it is fairly inexpensive. You can check out my shop for our Selenite options under the “Shop” tab.

Thank you for reading along and learning about Selenite with me. If you liked this blog, feel free to leave me a comment below ?

Until next time,

Relevate the day,

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