Clear Quartz is the Crystal of truth and has an abundant supply on this planet; in fact, it is the most known and used Crystal to date. It is used in many of our technological devices such as TVs, watches, pressure gauges, and so much more.

Clear Quartz carries all of the colours visible by humans, all the colours of the rainbow. This makes it an ideal “All Healer” for Chakra balancing as it vibrates at the same frequency as each individual Chakra.

We will dive into everything from properties to uses, effects in the bodies, and so much more.
First, let us have a glance:

Colour: Clear
Zodiac: All signs
Planet: Sun
Element: All elements
Chakra: Crown (all)

History & Mythology

History & Mythology - Clear Quartz

Throughout history Clear Quartz has held value as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria; There, they believed the sun’s energy could be harnessed in the Crystal, creating solar energy refraction. It was also used as diagnostic healing, meditation, and spiritual development in many cultures from Native American, African tribes, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Scots, and countless more. It was also used to dispel evil and protect against psychic attacks.

The creation of Clear Quartz is an interesting story in Greek Legend; the word crystal comes from krystallos (clear ice in Ancient Greek) – it is believed that the Gods shared their celestial water with the Earth to provide an everlasting connection to them. They froze the celestial water in the heavens and sent it to Earth – this freezing process ensured that the ice would never melt.

Others believe that it is Mother Earth’s greatest gift to humans, for all that it can assist with and the opening to spirituality that can be facilitated through the Crystal itself. Either way, the Crystal has unequivocal energy to it, and as you read on, I’m sure you will find many things that it can assist you with.

Clear Quartz Properties in the Bodies

Physical Body:

-Stimulates the immune system
-Stimulates the circulatory system
-Physical energy boost
-Increases strength
-Aids with memory retention
-Aids with sleep
-Helpful with migraines, vertigo and can stabilize dizziness
-Assists the metabolism
-Can soothe pain in the body
-Regulates energy
-Enhances the function of organs
-Eases dental pain or problems

Mental Body:

-Encourages optimistic thought
-Aids in decision making
-Clear mind
-Brings clarity to situations
-Aids with concentration
-Opens perception
-Aids with perseverance

Emotional Body:

-Stimulates positive thought
-Promotes tolerance and diversity
-Encourages harmonious living
-Aids with acceptance of self and others
-Balances emotions
-Encourages emotional healing
-Brings joy

Spiritual Body:

-Harmonizes all chakras
-Cleanses and balances the Crown chakra
-Pure yang energy
-Represents new beginnings
-Absorbs negative energies
-Soul cleansing
-Increases awareness
-Connects to higher planes of existence

Uses for Clear Quartz

Uses for Clear Quartz

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grids, Clear Quartz, is the optimal Crystal to use in gridding. It has the capability of amplifying the crystals around it – charging and increasing the energies of the crystals around it and intensifying the intention set within each Crystal and grid.
Other uses:
-Give to a newborn, keep in a child’s room throughout childhood; the Crystal will attune to the child’s energy and become a personal guide for them through life.
-Place Clear Quartz under an elderly pets’ bed to help revitalize energy and generally better health.
-If you need an energy boost, a bath infused with Clear Quartz can increase physical energy.


Clear Quartz Shapes

Shapes are a crucial topic to cover; we have many shapes available to us, from points to wands, to spheres and pyramids, to animals and flowers, to bowls and other various adults “entertainment” items. Many forms of Clear Quartz hold different meanings, and it will be a topic I will get into under Crystal Education (stay tuned)

Clear Quartz Shapes

With clear Quartz, there are some specific things that certain shapes can help with, and I will provide you with just a small list specifically considering Clear Quartz, but know that this information does translate to all other crystals in these shapes.
Point: This is where one end comes to a point; we use these to direct energy. For instance, to bring energy in, have a point directed where you want the energy to go. If you need energy out, place the point away from the object. This is a prevalent shape for Clear Quartz for healers.
Double point: This is a crystal that is pointed on both ends, and it channels the energy in both directions. Removing energies no longer needed in the body and replacing it with divine light from the Clear Quartz.
Cluster: It isn’t exactly a shape but has an honourable mention here as it assists with some things in the home. Such as; Placing a cluster in the room will aid with harmonious living for all in the house. If you live in a community where you can have everyone with one cluster, you could grid your community to help harmony. You can also use a cluster near electronics to help reduce the technological smog and eye strain.

Chakra Healing with Clear Quartz

Chakra Healing with Clear Quartz

Because Clear Quartz contains all the colours of the rainbow within it, it can resonate with each Chakra individually and as a whole system, creating balance and harmony. It is mostly related to the Crown Chakra’s function; it opens the Chakra to a higher power. It is the window into the etheric world, where we can receive guidance and messages from the Angels. It’s the attunement to a higher perception of this life and world; it’s the acceptance of all and understanding on a much deeper level the true meaning to life. Having the Crown Chakra balanced and open to receiving truly can change a mindset that will bring about miracles.

Final Thoughts

Clear Quartz Final thoughts

Clear Quartz is a genuinely versatile crystal. It helps with our technological advances, it helps all of the bodies, it is all healer of the Chakras, and it has so many varieties and variations that can bring on additional properties to help you on the journey.

Clear Quartz is one of those crystals that I recommend for everyone to have at least one of, whether it is a point or a polished crystal. I also highly recommend a cluster as well. Who doesn’t want harmonious living?!

Now that you know a small fraction about Clear Quartz – I hope it inspires you to find your Quartz Mate. Let it call to you. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you’ll know it when it happens.  Stay tuned for further info on crystal shapes and more specific shapes of Clear Quartz that can help generate energy, bring in abundance, a gateway to other times and planes, and so much more.

If you feel like you are having some issues with your Crown Chakra or maybe feeling completely unbalanced, use the Clear Quartz to help; if you are not feeling a shift in the energy, reach out for your Reiki session.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo