Welcome to the first New Moon of the Fall Equinox! The New Moon this month falls in Libra! Librans have many desirable traits, and to make the most of this New Moon energy, we will want to adapt to some of these energies to have the best possible outcome.

What is the energy of a New Moon?

New Moon Energies

The New Moon always brings a level of excitement. It is the start of a new Lunar cycle and represents new beginnings. Wipe the slate clean of whatever did not work for you throughout the last Lunar cycle.

Sometimes the energy of a New Moon can feel like a quiet time where the night seems so long, and it can sometimes bring about dark energy – the New Moon is so small and dark in this phase and hardly visible to the naked eye.

New Moons are the perfect time to set out new goals, intentions, and wishes. After all, it is through the darkness of a New Moon that we can become reborn through our intentions and wishes.

What Should I Focus on During a New Moon?

New Moon Focus

The 3-5 days leading up to the New Moon is considered a Balsamic Moon phase. During this time, we are releasing all the intense energies that are lingering from the Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, and Third Quarter Moon. (More on those phases to come)

In the Balsamic phase, we are ready to release, heal, and surrender. Begin the journey inward and think about the forgiveness and release you did through the Full Moon. Anything that is remaining, it is the time to let go now.

This is also a great time to look at all of the things from the last lunar cycle that didn’t work for you. That could be relationships, your schedule, home life, etc. Get right down to what did work, what didn’t, what you didn’t like, what you did like; when we take the time to get clear on the things that didn’t work, we can stop putting energy where it isn’t serving us so that when the new Moon comes, we are clear on our goals, intentions, and New Moon wishes.

Once we reach the New Moon phase, humans can sometimes be guarded because New Moons also represent change, and for many, that is a difficult thing to do, but if we spend days leading up to it, we can get excited about a change. Especially when we know what is working for us, and then we can expand from there.

New Moon Wishes Explained

New Moon Wishes

There is something really magical about a New Moon. As you have read, I mention wishes – New Moon Wishes. So, you are probably wondering what that is all about. When we take the actions as listed above – getting clear on what works, what doesn’t and prepare to bring in change, then we are ready to bring our manifestation, wishes to light.

How To:
Much of this information comes from Moonology by Yasmin Boland, plus some intuitive takes.

1. Show gratitude for all that you do have in your life right now at this moment.

2. Play some frequency music. Find the Hz you are looking for by googling. As an example, let’s say your new moon wish is to be more spiritually connected. Google “frequency for spiritual connection,” from there, you can likely select a YouTube video or search the 852 Hz for connection on any of your favourite music streaming platforms. Light a candle or incense.

3. Choose up to 10 wishes or intentions for the four weeks of the Lunar cycle. Get as specific as you can. If you are having trouble narrowing it down to what it is precisely that you are wanting, I encourage you to do some personal development practices, such as Reiki, EFT, books, etc.

4. Write the wishes on paper. Express it creatively if you wish. Different shapes of paper, different colours, stickers, just whatever you are called to do. The more energy you invest in this process, it shows the universe your desire and commitment.

5. Read each item aloud – and prioritize. Choose the item(s) that are the most important to you. For your priority wishes or intentions, take this time to visualize it coming to reality and dive into the feelings of having that “thing” come true. Act as if it has already happened. What does that energy feel like?

6. Create affirmations that back up the wish(es), and write that down too.

7. Look at each item and rate from 0-100 what you feel the likelihood is of it coming to be.

8. Go over each item and set intentions on what you plan to do to help these wishes come to light. Sitting and waiting is not going to bring things to you. We have to be willing to take action and watch for guidance along the way.

9. Meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes – and release your dreams into the universe.

10. End your meditation by releasing any attachments to the outcome. Although we set goals, intentions, and wishes, it is not necessarily for our highest good. Try not to control the outcome; aid it with actionable steps. If it is meant to be, it will work; if not – you will come across roadblocks or other signs.

New Moon in Libra Energy

New Moon in Libra energies

The New Moon in Libra is asking for particular energies from you. These are the things that we can focus on to help us through the energy, and ultimately, bring us what we wish for.

Libras are known for being charming, beautiful, and well-balanced. They thrive on making things orderly and aesthetically pleasing. They also crave balance, and they can be equally as self-indulgent as they are generous.

Libra is also a sign of partnership, so use this month to reflect on how well you are getting along with the people in your life. Perhaps some harmony and negotiations would serve the relationships better. Bring harmony and cooperation back into the important relationships in your life.

Because partnerships are significant to the Libra energy – give partnerships special attention during this new Moon. If your marriage or business partnerships need work, issues may come up now – giving you the opportunity to work them out. Libra is social and charming; bring those traits with you when working on your partnerships with this New Moon.

This is also a great time to audit what you are happy with and what you are not and make some negotiations to get you where you need to be satisfied with the situation. If there are areas in your life that are not bringing joy, it is time to assess and reflect on what can be done to make things better. Libra energy wants harmony and balance.

Along with harmony and balance, Libra enjoys things of beauty. Have you brought enough beauty into your spaces that when you look at the space, it makes your heart smile? What are some things that you could do to help you feel great about the spaces you spend time in? Take advantage of this Libra energy of the New Moon to inspire you. Maybe paint a room a new colour; perhaps you frame a photo you’ve been holding on to forever. How about art – do you have some eye-catching pieces in the home that lifts your spirits just by looking at it? So many options are available.

You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things “nice” rather than venturing into fundamental questions not to disturb the peace. It would help if you learned to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.

New Moon in Libra Ritual

New Moon in Libra - The Ritual

The Ritual! This is probably my favourite part of these blogs! I love creating rituals that will help people expand into their greatness.

Firstly, I always recommend a journaling practice daily, but especially during significant moon phases, New Moon-Full Moon. I will provide some journal prompts below to get you started, then you will find a numbered list; this is the actual ritual.

The journal prompts will give you some great questions to reflect upon and maybe bring something to light that you can work on through this New Moon.

Journal Prompts

How are you doing when it comes to being a friend, a lover, a partner, a co-worker, or even an ex?

-Am I communicating clearly and productively? If not, where can I improve? What changes can I make to be a more attentive listener and a more clear communicator?
-Can I relate to others?
-When it comes to talking about how I feel or what I feel I deserve, how does it make me feel? If this question makes you uncomfortable, dig into why. Do you feel worthy to receive what you think you deserve? If not, why not?
-Are you feeling as good as you can about yourself?
-Have you lost any sense of self within relationships or partnerships? If so, this is the time for action.

The Ritual

1. Get Moon water ready. You can do this in a couple of ways. I have been leaning more towards the first way I will explain, but listen to yourself on what you think resonates more with you.
– Drinkable Moon Water. For this one, you are just setting out a glass jar of water with a lid outside overnight to absorb the energy of the Moon. In the morning, bring it in, and drink some. This will help supercharge the energetic body and raise the vibe, which allows the ritual to be more effective. Any water you have saved, keep it in the fridge and drink when you need a “pick me up.”
– Fragrant Moon Water – This will not be a drinkable Moon Water, but no less effective. Same idea as above but this time, we are adding things to the water. Get yourself a glass jar or bowl – make sure it can be covered. Add in crystals, fresh or dried herbs, flowers, essential oils, etc. Whatever you are called to. Put it out under the Moon overnight. In the morning, remove all items from the water, and strain it into a spray bottle. Spray yourself and your spaces with the water to invite the energy in and through you. This also raises the vibe and increases the effectiveness of your ritual and wishes.

2. Smudge your space that you will be doing in the ritual. You can use any smudging material, but I always suggest Palo Santo – it’s my favourite

3. Do the New Moon Wishes exercise above

4. At the beginning of the New Moon exercise, it states to show gratitude. After the exercise, I suggest coming back to gratitude. You can say the same gratitudes, or if new things came to mind, use those or add it to the list from earlier.

Crystal Supports

Here are my crystal recommendations to help you with the New Moon energy.

New Moon in Libra - Crystal Recommendations

I hope you take advantage of this beautiful ritual, and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

Until Next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo

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