Citrine – Prosperity Crystal – Intro

When I hold a piece of Citrine it feels warm, happy, comforting, and energizing. It feels like a breath of fresh air after being trapped in heavy energy.

It reminds me of sunshine in a crystal. Any time you need to bring a bit of joy to life, surround yourself with citrine crystals, you can’t help but feel amazing.

Citrine is found in colours ranging from a very light, almost lemony yellow to a very dark golden honey colour. It is said that the darker the colour, the more energy it has. Citrine is a sunstone; it feels like the energy of the sun has been captured in this crystal. It is known as the crystal of hope, and also a crystal of prosperity.

Keep a citrine crystal in your purse or wallet to attract wealth. Store owner; put a piece in your cash drawer to attract more wealth in your business. Citrine can also assist communication between adults and teens, building a communication bridge where both sides are genuinely heard. Citrine cannot absorb negative energy; it will transmute it, and transform it into positive energy.

Citrine - Prosperity Crystal

Citrine – Prosperity Crystal – At a glance

Colour: Pale to golden yellow, honey to dark orange.
Planet: Mercury; this planet is the closest to the sun. Mercury is also known as the messenger of God, and it is associated with the Crown Chakra.
Element: Air; interesting because it does feel like I can breathe easier with Citrine around.
Chakra: Solar Plexus, and Crown.

Citrine – prosperity crystal is known for its manifestation properties, igniting imagination, and motivates us to do what we need to on any level; spiritual, physical, emotional, mental. Citrine is unable to hold any negative energy, so it does not require cleansing or clearing. It is essentially the sun in a crystal, so it clears itself. It doesn’t just repel the negative energy, though; it can also transmute it. Meaning, it takes the negative energy and cycles it into better energy and sends it back from which it came, but with more love in it. It can also assist in transforming negative thoughts into more positive ones, so if you are someone that is having a hard time with the sabotaging thoughts, this stone can help you.

Citrine – Prosperity Crystal – The BodiesCitrine - Prosperity Crystal - The bodies


  • Effective in depressive illness or phobias
  • Allows clear thinking (putting problems in different perspectives)
  • Assists the user in distinguishing between anxiety-driven thoughts versus inner guidance
  • Enhances concentration


  • Assists with the liver, spleen, gallbladder and digestive system
  • Reduces toxins in the body
  • Eases skin problems
  • Increase vitality
  • Supports the endocrine system
  • Encourages metabolic function


  • Releases joy
  • Brings in motivation
  • Opens creativity
  • Balances emotions
  • Releases old belief systems and energies no longer serving any of the bodies


  • Can clear dark energies from the home
  • Gives loving energy to the user
  • Associated with Solar Plexus and Crown chakras
  • Can bring spiritual power to the user
  • Used in prosperity rituals
  • Use Citrine in visualization practices to amplify manifestation power.

Citrine – Prosperity Crystal – UsesCitrine - prosperity crystal - Uses

Citrine is also known as the merchant’s stone; it is believed that if you place a sparkling yellow Citrine stone in the cash drawer, it will help not only to increase wealth but maintain it. After all, this is a prosperity crystal, so it can help attract abundance and opportunities. You can carry one in your purse or wallet to attract more money to you, but also help you make smarter financial decisions. It is an excellent stone for professionals that work in the financial industry because it can help you come up with more creative financial solutions for your clients. It can also help assist artists as it sparks the imagination.

Citrine – prosperity crystal is widely used in reiki to help support the clearing and balancing of the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra isn’t just where joy lives; it is the distribution energy center for the entire chakra system. If there is any kind of block or damage in the solar plexus, it cannot distribute the energy efficiently.

Meditate with Citrine once a week, or as often as needed, visualizing and feeling it’s warmth. It will help fill you with joy and life force energy. It can also begin a balancing of the chakra. It will activate the thinking process, and can even help with memory recall. Deep-seated images may come forth for healing (this will only happen if your system is energetically prepared to receive that message)

You can place a Citrine crystal in every corner in your home to help uplift the frequency in the home. You will notice arguments and miscommunication are a rare occasion.

You can make a personal wealth corner that will help bring in abundance and success. See instructions below

Citrine – Prosperity Crystal – Wealth Corner

Citrine - Prosperity Crystal - Wealth Corner Feng Shui

using Citrine to help create more abundance in your life. It is using the Fung Shui method

Step 1: Locate the southeast corner of your home, using a compass.

Step 2: Find a gold, decorative bowl (earth element)

Step 3: Find a Jade tree, historically believed to be a money tree (air element)

Step 4: This is where you need to get creative to add a water element. You can use a photo of a lake or river.

Final ThoughtsCitrine - Prosperity Crystal - Final thoughts

Citrine is one of the crystals I would highly recommend to have in your collection. It’s such a feel-good crystal that you can’t help but feel better in its presence. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; just a pure polished crystal will bring you the energy. However, if you want to up the energy in your home, a beautiful cluster can quickly and efficiently do that for you. It is easily one of my favourite crystals. I could get lost in its brilliant colour and warmth for hours. The energy is unlike any other.

Until next time,

Relevate the day – Anna xo