Red Jasper is such a beautiful Earth energy, with amazing grounding capabilities. Let’s take a glance at the Red Jasper crystal.

Colour: Varying red colours, from Brick Red to an Orange-red to toned brown reds, and anything in between.
Zodiac: Associated with Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Root

Red Jasper protects against all forms of attack and malevolence. It brings fertility and optimism.

History and Mythology

Red Jasper History and Mythology

Red Jasper is known as a crystal for protection, endurance, passion, and health. Ancient warriors wore red Jasper for protection, endurance, and virility. In ancient Egypt, they used Red Jasper as protective amulets, especially to protect a woman’s fertility and power. Red Jasper has been called the blood of the Earth by Native American tribes. They would use it to stimulate health and rebirth, new ideas and strategies, and increase sensitivity to the Earth’s energies.

Traditionally, Jasper had been used for seals for pressing wax onto envelopes as it was an accessible medium to carve different designs for the seal.

Siegfried, the Dragonslayer, had a sword inlaid with Red Jasper for courage.

Red Jasper – Properties

Red Jasper has a wide variety of things to assist with (remember, crystals are a tool you can use to complement your medical advice from a doctor). I will list just some of the things it can help with for each of the four bodies.

Mental Body

-Alleviates stress
-Calms sexual aggression
-Stimulates passion during creative work
-Manifesting new ideas
-Reactivate passion for living

Emotional Body

-Promotes healthy sexual habits
-Can assist in overcoming jealousy
-Empowerment, bringing strength to hold boundaries
-Gives courage to bullied children
-Stabilizes emotions associated with difficult times, such as; terminal illness, ongoing medical treatments, and remission

Physical Body

-Provides physical energy to complete work tasks
-Supports professionals that require strength and stamina
-Helps regulate metabolic energies
-Supportive through a long-term illness or injury recovery
-Supports the circulatory system
-Increases libido and fertility

Spiritual Body

-Connection to grounding Earth energy
-Eliminates negativity and returns it to the sender
-Clears the mind for meditation
-HIgh spiritual energy
-Astral travel
-Vivid dream recall

Uses for Red Jasper

Uses for Red Jasper

For all uses listed, you have various ways to work with your crystals; in a pocket, purse, jewelry, sleep with it under your pillow, meditate with it, place it on the root chakra for 10-20 minutes. Choose whichever works best for you. Just let the crystal know what you need help with.

Red Jasper can help with menstrual problems or difficulties with menopause. Use Red Jasper as a fertility aid during and after hormonal treatments.

Red Jasper aids with circulation, and it can warm the physical body when cold.

True red coloured Jasper is especially protective against physical and psychic attacks, end cycles of bad luck, and it can return negative energy to the sender. Calms emotions and stabilizes the aura. It can stimulate the rise of kundalini energy throughout the chakras.

*Fun fact – Red Jasper gets its colour from the iron mineral content – much like it’s associated with planet Mars.

Chakra Healing with Red Jasper

chakra healing with red jasper

Red Jasper is associated with the Root Chakra; it is the deep connection with Earth that grounds the root chakra to allow vital Earth energy to enter the body through the feet up into the root. It stabilizes and energizes the physical body.

Red Jasper can stimulate the Root Chakra; it helps connect the brain to the body for movement – helpful to those with some mobility issues.

The root chakra is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy. When the root is low in energy, we feel run down, tired, and constantly need a distraction to avoid true feelings, disconnected, and distant. Red Jasper can bring balance back into the chakra by providing strength, endurance, protection, courage, and grounding into Earth’s energy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jasper can be helpful for several things, as you have seen. What I love the most about this one is the rich history it has through the civilizations, and for the most part, each culture used Red Jasper in the same way; protection.

I have personally experienced amazing creative flow when I have read, and orange coloured crystals around, but there is just something beautiful about Red Jasper. That deep Earth connection helps me to feel grounded in the energy, allowing it to flow through my centers with ease.

My favourite thing to do with Red Jasper is to meditate on the ground with it, especially in wooded areas. It’s almost as if time stands still when I meditate with it in nature; everything slows down just enough to enjoy an actual presence at the moment, to be able to enjoy each moment of meditation fully. It calms my mind and my body at the same time.

Red Jasper was one of the tools I used when I was beginning to connect with the crystals’ power; I used it as an aid through personal development work. It aided in pulling me out of anxiety and depression symptoms. I truly believe using this crystal with other healing modalities has gotten me this far in the journey. I will always have a special place in my heart for this amazing crystal. It’s hard to explain what a crystal connection feels like, but once you have an experience, you can never turn your back on it again; it’s just so good and pure. For me, security was an issue in my childhood; I think this is why I was so drawn to it at the start of this journey. It helped keep me calm and grounded even when it felt like everything around me was falling apart. I had a lot of work to do on my root chakra as it had been severed from my energetic body, I know that may sound alarming, but after lots of inner work, it functions correctly. I notice a huge difference, and most importantly, Red Jasper allowed me to feel safe through every emotion I felt as I healed my chakras.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo