Anyone that has been following me for the last little while, knows that I am utterly passionate about Crystals, and the many uses they have to help us with our daily lives. In this how-to guide for crystal healing, we will explore the many ways to use your crystals, carry them in day to day life, and how to cleanse/charge them

Uses in the home

Some Crystals are known to assist in the home as well, it does depend on the energy you are looking to attract to the home. I’ll list some different suggestions below in this how-to guide for Crystal healing.

-Black Tourmaline outside of your entrances will protect the home from intrusion.

-Blue Kyanite on windowsills and door frames will repel negative energies from entering the home

-Citrine is a prosperity stone, and it has its very own ritual – a wealth corner:

  1. Locate the South-East corner of your home
  2. Find a gold decorative bowl
  3. Buy a Jade tree
  4. Some sort of water element – this could be a little fountain, or a photo of a body of water such as a lake, ocean, waterfall etc.
  5. 3 Citrine Crystals
  6. Create an altar in the SE corner of the home, and decorate it with the items listed – place the Citrine Crystals in the decorative bowl

-Clear Quartz in every corner of the home can raise the vibration of the home, giving it a happier more peaceful energy

-Selenite in the living room will inspire vibrancy, very uplifting

-Carnelian in the Kitchen can help spark creativity and try something new

-Apophyllite can dissolve stress and tension in the home – create positive flow. Place anywhere in the home, or each corner if going through a high-stress time.

-Celestite creates a soothing and calm environment, perfect to have in each bedroom

-Shungite has many uses in general, but use it in the home on top of or nearby your appliances to reduce technological pollution. Shungite is well-known to provide EMF. Read my blog about Shungite here.

-Blue Lace Agate in common areas where a lot of conversations are had will encourage clear communication, both to the communicator and the listener.

There are countless ways Crystals can support us in our homes, you can always just follow your gut on what you think will work for you and your family. Including grids. We will return to this topic in the future with more examples and learn more about grids as well. These were my top picks that I think most people would use, but more to come

Uses in Meditation

How to guide for Crystal Healing - Uses in meditation

Using Crystals in meditation is a beautiful way to connect and bond with your Crystals. I always recommend going with what you feel called to, but if there is an ailment in particular you are seeking help with be sure to look up which can help you best.

Once you have selected your Crystals you can choose to lay down or sit up. If you have chosen one Place it in the hand. Your dominant hand is the release hand, so let’s say you are using Rose Quartz for some forgiveness workplace it in the dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is the receiving hand, so let’s use the same example of Rose, but now we are using it to gain or receive compassion, you will want in the correct hand to receive.

If you have chosen multiple, you can put them on or around you – So if you are a sitting up kind of meditator, you will want to circle yourself with the Crystals you have chosen. If you are a laydown meditator you can choose to place the Crystals on your body (especially useful with Chakra Crystals in a Chakra clearing meditation), or you can circle yourself with the crystals around you as well.

When using Crystals in meditation I always recommend having a grounding Crystal near you as well. I like to lay down for meditation, so I have Black Tourmaline at my feet. There is a wide variety of grounding Crystals so use whatever you have or whichever you are called to.

Carrying Crystals for day to day life

how to guide for crystal healing

Carrying Crystals around sometimes can be challenging with day-to-day life, but in this how-to guide for Crystal healing I have a few tricks to help you along the way.

Ladies, one of THE best ways to have crystals on you through the day is in your bra! It just works! But I do suggest stuffing yourself with tumbled stone, not raw – ouch!

Guys, the ladies win for the best and easiest, but you guys can always carry Crystals in your pockets (ladies can do this as well)

Then there is jewelry. Wearing Crystal jewelry is a really fun and fashionable way to keep what you need on you, and get the benefits you are seeking all day long. There are numerous beautiful artisans out there forging new ideas every day. There is always something available that suits your style. I personally create pieces for people, if you are interested to see what I have you can check it out on Etsy right here

Other Beneficial Useshow to guide for crystal healing - altars

If you read the Shungite blog post, you will know how to make Shungite water, but you can use any crystal to charge up the water.
*I want to note that shungite is one of the only crystals that should actually be inside of the water, it is always safest to infuse your water as described below. There are many factors as to where the crystal had come from, possibility of other chemical constituents that could be less than favourable to human health*

Infusing Crystal energy into your water assists in many ways. It can help detoxify the body, and it makes the water taste so good!

To infuse Crystals in water:

  1. Ensure Crystals have been Cleansed and Charged
  2. You will need to use glass, so if you choose a water bottle, a jug, etc. make sure it is glass. This is an important step to understand, as mentioned in “How Crystals Work” glass holds a crystalline structure, therefore it can connect to the “structure” of the crystal.
  3. Place Crystals around the glass in a circle – you will want a minimum of 5 crystals, and it is best to use all the same crystal to amplify the energy – again there are no real “rules” do what you feel is best.
  4. Let it sit for two hours for maximum energy infusing. (You may leave it for 5-10 minutes as well, it will still infuse – just not maximum)
  5. You can let your infused water stay in room temperature, or refrigerate – whichever is your preference

You can plant Earth Crystals in the soil of your garden to encourage healthier growth and bigger production.

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

How to guide for crystal healing - Cleansing

In general, you can leave Crystals under any moonlight to cleanse and charge them. However, if you feel like the energy in them is really heavy, or that the colour has suddenly become dull, you will want to smudge (using Palo Santo, Sage, Cedar, etc) the Crystals to give them a really good clearing, then charge under the moon.

You can charge in the sun as well, but there are a few Crystals that do not do so well in direct sunlight for long periods. Such as; Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Celestite, Fluorite, Kunzite, Smokey Quartz, Topaz, Turquoise – just to name a few.

You could also buy yourself a nice slab of Selenite – it has cleansing and charging capabilities, just place the Crystal(s) on the slab for a few hours. Big chunks of Amethyst can also charge Crystal(s)

Singing bowls can be used for clearing your Crystal(s) – usually small Crystals only unless you have a huge singing bowl. Place the Crystal(s) inside, and play the bowl. The vibration will clear energies, but it will still need to be charged.

I hope this helped and gave you a slightly better look at what you can do to incorporate Crystals into your home. If there are ever any questions or you are seeking some advice – reach out! I am here ?

Until next time,

Relevate the Day – Anna xoxo