In this Chakra lesson overview, we will take a glance at all the chakras, and what affects they have. If you want to see the video lesson, see it here.

Root Chakra – Muladhara

Key issues: Sexuality, lust, and obsession.
Colour: Red
Location: Base of spine
Inner aspect: Grounding spiritual energies
Physical body: Sexuality
Mental body: Stability
Emotional body: Sensuality
Spiritual body: Security

Chakra lesson - overview - root chakra

It is the first Chakra in the seven chakra system; the root chakra

Grounding or “rooting” us is the primary function of this Chakra. It is crucial because grounding connects us to the mother earth energy. This energy is vital; if there are any imbalances in the root, we will have problems pulling the energy up into all the chakras creating further imbalances.

The root is considered the first Chakra and is connected to the first seven years of life; This Chakra develops between the ages of 0-7. Any traumas from childhood are here. Survival tendencies are also born here. A lot of our adult complexes and emotional issues are developed at this stage, whether we are aware or not.

The root is also the filtration system of the aura; this is where we expel toxic energy into the Earth. If we are experiencing blocks, those negative energies get blocked in our systems – creating “dis-ease” in the physical body.


Sacral Chakra – Svadisthana

Key issues: Relationships, violence, addictions
Colour: Orange
Inner aspect: Feelings/emotions
Physical body: Reproduction
Mental body: Creativity
Emotional body: Joy
Spiritual body: Enthusiasm

Chakra Lesson - Overview - Sacral Chakra

It is the second Chakra in the seven chakra system; the Sacral Chakra

In the chakra lesson overview, we see the Sacral Chakra as the center of self-expression and joy. When this Chakra is in balance, we feel happy and emotionally balanced. We enjoy meeting new people and having them in our space, and we are generally a lot more friendly. Creativity flows like a river, and our passion and desire fuel us. We have a strong sense of self, and our faith in our choices is strong.

When the Sacral is not functioning at it’s best, it can manifest into different ailments that can affect any or all the bodies. It can lead us to feel unsafe, insecure, prone to addiction, violent outbursts, and so much more. Let’s take a look below at what effects can happen when the Sacral Chakra is blocked or over-active with energies.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Key issues: Power, fear, anxiety, introversion
Colour: Yellow
Inner aspect: Opinion and personal power
Physical body: Digestion
Mental body: Power
Emotional body: Expansiveness
Spiritual body: Growth

Chakra Lesson - Overview - Solar Plexus

It is the third Chakra in the seven chakra system, the Solar Plexus.

In this Chakra lesson overview, think of the solar plexus chakra center as the sun in your body. It draws the radiance as a type of Prana (Life Force). It is a gathering point for energy; it must be functional to enable a natural flow of vital life force energy. It is like an energy distribution center, the energy pulled through the Earth from the Root Chakra, and the energy pulled from the sun through the Crown. It all gathers at the Solar Plexus Chakra to be distributed evenly to ensure each center is spinning effectively and efficiently. Any blocks or bogs in energy here can result in some issues in all the Chakras.

When this Chakra is working effectively, we have a powerful sense of self and can set boundaries without hesitation, but remain open-minded and flexible when needed. Open to constructive criticism on personal and professional levels. We have the power to pursue our goals and dreams. We know when to walk away when something isn’t working. We can healthily manage stress, and we have high functioning digestive systems.

Heart Chakra – Anahata

Key issues: Passion, tenderness, inner-child, and rejection
Colour: Green
Inner aspect: Unconditional love and compassion
Physical body: Circulation
Mental body: Passion
Emotional body: Compassion
Spiritual body: Devotion

Chakra Lesson - Overview - Heart Chakra

It is the fourth Chakra in the seven chakra system, the Heart Chakra.

In this chakra lesson overview, we explore how the heart chakra governs all of our relationships. The heart Chakra enables the experiences we can have in love and relationships, including the relationship with self. It opens us to more profound compassion, forgiveness, and the ability to receive love. It assists us in connecting with nature and the healing qualities it brings. You become more in tune with plants and animals when the Heart Chakra is flowing freely.

When the heart chakra is functioning at it’s best, we can nurture and forgive ourselves and others, a healthy sense of self-worth. We can be more present in our lives. We are very generous but are also not fearful of healthy boundaries—balanced relationships all around us, including the relationship with self. We become more empathetic and can feel the emotions of others. We feel secure and trust our decisions without second guesses.

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

Key issues: Self-expression, communication, and will
Colour: Blue
Inner aspect: Expression
Physical body: Communication
Mental body: Fluent thought
Emotional body: Independence
Spiritual body: Security

Chakra Lesson - Overview - Throat chakra

It is the fifth Chakra in the seven chakra system, the Throat Chakra.

The throat Chakra in this chakra lesson overview is the bridge between the heart chakra and the upper chakras. It can take us from our hearts into our higher, more spiritual chakras. This is the place that we come to speak our authentic truth, and express love. However, it can also be a place of destruction – using your voice to hurt others.

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

Key issues: Balancing higher and lower selves, trusting inner guidance
Colour: Indigo
Inner aspect: Intuition
Emotional body: Clarity
Spiritual body: Meditation

Chakra Lesson - Overview - Third Eye Chakra

It is the sixth Chakra in the seven chakra system, the Third Eye Chakra.

Many physical issues can arise in the third eye chakra in this chakra lesson overview; we explore ailments such as headaches and other general problems in the skull, such as eyes and ears. Constant stress can cause these headaches, and it is usually the body’s way of letting you know that this Chakra is not being nourished. You can sustain this Chakra with meditation and visualization. It is absolutely vital for our health, both physically and mentally. Shut off for some quiet time once in a while and tune into the Chakra through meditation and visualization.

Because of today’s technology-driven world, headaches can appear due to screen time. This creates a lot of tension in the neck. We are frequently looking down at our cell phones and/or computers.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Key issues: Inner wisdom, death of the physical body
Colour: Violet
Inner aspect: Release of karma
Physical body: Meditation
Mental body: Universal consciousness
Emotional body: Beingness
Spiritual body: Unity through transcendental consciousnessChakra Lesson - Overview - Crown Chakra

The seventh and final Chakra in the seven chakra system; the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra in the Chakra Lesson overview is what can connect us to universal consciousness. Having this Chakra operating at its optimal function will allow you to see the bigger picture of what life is. It helps open the mind to many perceptions of reality. Many physical ailments can arise through this Chakra when it is not maintained.

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