Selenite – The Crystal of Purity

Selenite is a truly beautiful crystal. It has captured my eye and heart for years now. I love how pure it is, just pure white light and love radiate through it. For some reason, it reminds me of frosted glass, and I have been obsessed with frosted glass for as long as I can remember. Selenite has a beautiful history, and I look forward to diving in about this crystal with you today.

First, let’s take a glance;

Colour: White – Sometimes transparent or semi-transparent. Because it is a Satin Spar crystal bands of moving white light that resembles satin.
Zodiac: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Chakra: Crown

History & Mythology

Selene the Moon Goddess

Many ancient cultures had several different goddesses to symbolize the moon. However, in Greek, Selene is translated to the moon. So, they believe Selenite to be the embodiment of the Moon Goddess as she is tranquillity, blessing, love and light.

Selenite is revered for its transparency and ethereal radiance the crystal provides. It is just like the Moon as it reflects a pure white light beam to any space it is in. Selenite inspires peace and high vibration. It is one of the most powerful crystals to aid in opening the Crown Chakra. It is ideal for meditation, spiritual work, connecting to ancient knowledge – aids in connecting with spirit guides and the spiritual realm.

It is a crystal used as a talisman for Women, aiding in bringing balance and harmony, also aiding with fertility and motherhood. It is very supportive through all cycles of life.

Selenite properties in the bodies

Selenite properties in the bodies


Physical Body

-Aligns spinal column
-Aids treatment of issues in the skeletal system
-Reverses the effect of free radicals
-Aids symptoms of ADD
-Heals cells in the body

Mental Body

-Clears confusion
-Helps the user to see the bigger picture
-Aids in decision making
-Gives the user a clear state of mind
-Helps to dispel fears

Emotional Body

-Calms mood swings
-Stabilizes erratic emotions
-Helps to remove feelings of jealousy and doubt
-Aids the user to move forward in life

Spiritual Body

-Clears blockages in the energy field
-Boosts vitality
-Connects with universal truth
-Activates the ethereal chakras
-Opens the cosmic doorway
-Brings in the Divine light
-Clears negativity from the energetic system
-Connects to the higher self
-Aids with psychic communication
-Aids with past life recall

Uses for Selenite

Selenite Uses

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra.

Wear it in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by outstanding artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to release stress, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some clarity, place it in the non-dominant.

Crystal Grid – Selenite is the perfect pick if you want to bring in peace, balance, and calm. Place a piece of Selenite in each corner of the home to bring in the Divine Light.

Charging – You can use Selenite as a cleanser and charger of your other crystals. If you notice the energy in your crystals have diminished, place it on or around a piece of Selenite to clear away the negative energies the crystal may be holding and recharge it with positivity.

Caution!! Selenite will dissolve in water, be sure not to get your precious Selenite wet.

Chakra Healing with Selenite

Chakra Healing with Selenite

Selenite is most useful with the Crown Chakra. However, Selenite is the purifier and can clear blockages from all the chakras and the Aura.

The Crown Chakra is the gateway to the Universe, and it controls our thoughts and actions in the world. It is the connection to spirituality. It is connected with the higher planes of existence and is the source of Universal consciousness and truth. When this Chakra is in balance, it permits the other Chakras to be in balance. It opens the mind to the knowledge of purpose. The white light of Selenite is a tool in activating the Ethereal Chakras. These Chakras attunes you to enlightenment and truth. Selenite can provide a connection to the higher self and opens the cosmic doorway to other realms.

Final Thoughts

I have always connected with Selenite, and I am honoured to be here and share this knowledge with you. I personally feel that Selenite needs to be in everyone’s homes. It brings so much balance and peace to the space, but also the bodies. I love that it has such a strong connection to the Moon and its energy – as I feel very connected to that as well, and likely why I have always felt a connection with it.

If you use crystals at all, Selenite is a handy tool in keeping your crystals functioning well and amplifying the crystals’ properties on or near it. I personally have Selenite charging disks to cleanse my crystals, especially between Reiki sessions, as it can clear and charge the crystals quickly for the next session.

Meditating with Selenite will protect you from dark energies entering the aura, and it connects directly with the Divine light – bringing peaceful and balanced energy.

You can find selenite in just about every form; palm stone, charging plate, heart, tower, wands, rods, cord-cutting sword, candle holders, and so on. It is fairly easy to find, with many it available, so it is fairly inexpensive. You can check out my shop for our Selenite options under the “Shop” tab.

Thank you for reading along and learning about Selenite with me. If you liked this blog, feel free to leave me a comment below ?

Until next time,

Relevate the day,

Anna -xo

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Lapis Lazuli – The Stone of Inner-truth

Lapis Lazuli is known as the crystal of all forms of truth and inner-vision. It was highly regarded and sought after for centuries. It has a rich history in almost all of the ancient civilizations.

I am excited to dive into this crystal with you today. I love the composition and colours of Lapis Lazuli.

History & Mythology

Lapis Lazuli - History and Mythology

Lapis Lazuli has been one of the most sought after crystals in history. Its deep blue symbolizes royalty and honour, gods and power, spirituality and vision. It is a universal symbol of truth and wisdom.

In ancient civilizations is was highly regarded due to its beautiful colour but also used as a valuable ultramarine dye. This crystal is composed of many such as, Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite, and Pyrite. It is a rich royal blue with gold flecks.

Lapis Lazuli id referenced in the Old Testament as sapphire – it was the fifth stone in the original breastplate of the High Priest.

Lapis Lazuli was obtained in some of the oldest mines in the world in Egypt. They have been worked since roughly 4000 B.C. and still in use to this day. In Egypt, they would use Lapis as burial ornaments of Kings and Queens. They also would ground the stone to use the powder for dyes, eye shadow, and elixirs.

Michelangelo used Lapis Lazuli as his dye for painting. Any of his pieces using ultramarine blue was made with the crystal powder.

Buddhists recommended Lapis as a stone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thought. During the Renaissance, Catherine the Great adorned an entire room in her palace with Lapis Lazuli walls, fireplaces, doors and mirror frames. [Simmons, 227]

Lapis Lazuli Properties in the Bodies

Lapis Lazuli - Properties in the bodies

Physical Body:

-Beneficial to Throat, larynx, and vocal cords

-Regulates endocrine system

-Regulates Thyroid glands

-Overcomes hearing loss

-Enhances circulation

-Reduces vertigo

-Lowers blood pressure

-Aids with insomnia

-Aids with migraine headaches

Mental Body:

-Enhances intellectual abilities

-Stimulates desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding

-Enhances memory

-Promotes self-awareness

-Encourages honesty

-Encourages compassion

-Opens perspective

-Helps interpret visual cues

-Opens to new ideas

-Aids communication of ideas

-Enhances self-respect

Emotional Body:

-Relieves suppressed memories

-Diminishes “dis-ease.”

-Release repressed anger


-Helps to see and understand clearly

-Aids with healthy internal dialogue

-Allows healthy expression of feelings

-Helps to voice personal truth

-Releases stress

-Encourages service to others

-Teaches grace

Spiritual Body:

-Activates the higher mind

-Aids with deep communication

-Attracts success

-Reveals inner-truth

-Reveals opportunities for growth

-Activates psychic centers

-Balances the energy in the Throat chakra

-Activates the 3rd eye chakra

-Represents universal truth

-Expands awareness and consciousness

-Enhances dream work

-Blocks psychic attacks

-Aids with past life recall

Uses for Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli -  Uses

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra.

Wear it in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by outstanding artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to release stress, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some clarity, place it in the non-dominant.

Body Grid – Now that you know a little bit about using grids in previous crystal blogs, I want to introduce body grids. It is a meditation of sorts; you will place the crystals at specific points to put your body within a grid. Humans have a crystalline structure just like crystals do; this is how we can connect with them and use them for energy healing modalities. For Lapis Lazuli, I would suggest 6 Crystals (all Lapis), one above the head, one above each shoulder, one on the Throat or 3rd Eye Chakra, and one at the bottom of both feet. Listen to some healing frequency music or a guided meditation that will assist you with whichever issue(s) you are facing.

Chakra Healing with Lapis Lazuli

Chakra healing with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli can assist with both the Throat and Third Eye (Brow) Chakras.

It is believed that Lapis Lazuli can help to balance the Throat Chakra – aiding the user in speaking their truth and encourage honest communication. When the Throat is out of balance, we tend to say things we don’t mean, our emotions interrupt what we are trying to say, and we feel restricted as if we are not “allowed” to say what we are feeling. Lapis Lazuli can help clear those blockages and help you find your voice.

Lapis Lazuli is known to activate the Third Eye Chakra. As it is the crystal of all truth, it will help you gain an inner vision for what you desire in this life and what can give you fulfillment. When the Third Eye Chakra is out of balance, we can become stuck in a fog, unable to make decisions for ourselves, and unable to see the bigger picture. We have trouble looking at goals for the future, as it feels too confusing and overwhelming. Once the Chakra is in balance, bring in Lapis Lazuli to help you bring in some answers for yourself and gain the clarity you have been seeking.

Final Thoughts

Lapis Lazuli is an absolutely stunning crystal. I love looking at it, and I could get lost looking for all of the gold flecks. I have always felt a calling to this crystal early in my journey, and to my surprise, after researching for this blog, I discovered that Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of Sagittarians, which is me! It put that calling into perspective for me. I am very close to my astrological sign traits, so it made sense.

People that struggle with awareness of their own truth should carry Lapis Lazuli with them daily or find a nice piece of jewelry to wear every day. It will help gain clarity on your desires, truth, and purpose. It can help relieve stress and bring on a deep level of healing by bringing back suppressed memories for healing. This healing will be vital to your growth. Undealt with energies of the past can store in the body as cells. These cells contain the memory, but they can also become sick cells that bring “dis-ease” to the physical body. We must do all we can to avoid this from happening. If it has already happened, hope is not lost.

If you need any assistance or guidance, please do reach out to me. I offer Distance Crystal Reiki and Spiritual Coaching, which encompasses all of my modalities. I will reach into my tool chest and provide suggestions for what we can do to help.

Thank you for being here and reading along. If you enjoyed this blog, please leave me some comments below. I would love to hear your feedback.

Until next time,

Relevate the day,

Anna – xo

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Tiger’s Eye – the Crystal of Ra

When I have Tiger’s Eye in my hands, it feels like power and beauty. The dancing bands of honey to golden brown are mesmerizing. I am excited to dive in about Tiger’s Eye and it’s rich history. 

First, Let’s take a look at some key information. 

Colour: Honey to golden brown with shimmering bands
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire and Earth
Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus

History & Mythology

Tiger's Eye - History & Mythology

Tiger’s Eye is among some of the most ancient crystals in Earth’s history. It’s one of the most ancient talismans; it is mysterious and powerful, revered and feared – much like Ra the Sun God. It is believed that Tiger’s Eye is an “all-seeing, all-knowing eye.” Our ancestors believed that it could grant the wearer the ability to observe everything – and see all perspectives. Egyptians chose Tiger’s Eye to place in the eyes of their deity statues to grant divine vision. 

Ra was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the Earth, and the underworld. He was the go of the Sun, order, kings, and the sky. Ra was portrayed as a falcon and shared characteristics with the sky god Horus. 

Because Tiger’s Eye harnesses the energy of both the Earth and the Sun, it is believed to provide protection and balance. Tiger’s Eye is linked to the magical Tiger in Eastern Mythology – both portrayed courage, integrity, and the right use of power.

In Roman history, soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. 

Throughout history, Tiger’s Eye has always been seen as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting the wearer by reflecting malice or threats from others. 

Tiger’s Eye Properties in the Bodies

Tiger's Eye Properties in the Bodies

Physical Body:

-Aids digestion
-Eases ulcers
-Ease gall-bladder problems
-Aids with joints and bones
-Aids with detoxification
-Boosts the endocrine system
-Improves night vision
-Brings physical vitality

Mental Body:

-Reduces cravings for excess food, tobacco, alcohol, or other stimulants
-Creates a rhythm for success
-Reduces anxiety
-Alleviates nightmares
-Aids with scattered thoughts
-Brings focus and stability
-Aids in resolving inner battles
-Opens creativity
-Brings practicality

Emotional Body:

-Calms an overactive system
-Stabilizes emotions
-Eases seasonal affective disorder
-Eases jealous feelings
-Eases issues of self-worth
-Help overcome faults
-Maintain balance
-Brings in enthusiasm
-Brings in happiness 

Spiritual Body: 

-Protects against evil
-Helps bring positive changes
-Aids with dream recall
-Balancer of Yin-Yang energy (feminine/masculine)
-Help attract success and opportunities
-Brings in personal power
-Connects to the power of the Sun
-Stimulates the rise of Kundalini energy

Uses for Tiger’s Eye

Uses for Tiger's Eye

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by outstanding artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Body Grid – This is something that I haven’t written about or spoken about, but let’s take some time to learn about this. Now that you know a little bit about using grids in previous crystal blogs, I want to introduce body grids. It is a meditation of sorts; you will place the crystals at specific points to put your body within a grid. Humans have a crystalline structure just like crystals do; this is how we can connect with them and use them for energy healing modalities. For Tiger’s Eye, I would suggest 6 Crystals (all Tiger’s Eye), one above the head, one above each shoulder, one on the Solar Plexus Chakra, and one at the bottom of both feet.  Listen to some healing frequency music or a guided meditation that will assist you with whichever issue(s) you are facing. 

Chakra Healing with Tiger’s Eye

Chakra Healing with Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye can assist the three lower chakras – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra. However, it is mainly associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra due to colour alone, but it does hold properties to aid each of them. 

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and controls the energy for feeling and movement. It is the base of physical and spiritual energy for the body. When this Chakra is out of balance, the symptoms can appear as lethargy, low activity levels, low enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. When spiritual energies are out of balance, one may feel flighty, disconnected from reality or distant. When the Root Chakra is in balance, the physical body can regain its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is opened in the form of security and a sense of personal power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership. Bring Tiger’s Eye in when you are looking for a physical energy boost and to aid in bringing in Kundalini energy through the Root Chakra – creating balance and stability.

The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy from the Rooth Chakra and is the center of gravity of the body. It is the center of the Life Force Energy of the body and controls the flow of information from the body to the mind and from the mind to the body. Gut feelings, intuition, and other “non-linear” communication come from this Chakra. When it is out of balance, symptoms may arise as confusion, over dependency on others, repression of feelings, inability to feel joy, fear of sensuality or sex, and frustration. When the Sacral Chakra is in balance, one has grace, feels pleasure in life, and experiences the flexibility to “go with the flow” and do so in good spirit. Bring in the Tiger’s Eye for this Chakra to bring happiness into the aura and empower the body and mind to communicate more efficiently.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy distribution center for all the Chakras, and it is the Chakra of relationships. This Chakra is located between the ribcage and navel and controls the immune and digestive systems. When balanced physically, we have the strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and can use the nutrients we ingest. When the Solar Plexus is out of balance spiritually, we feel fear – of the disappointment or displeasure of others, or the inability to chose our path. Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in balance, we are free to perceive the world through our thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of what others may think of us.

Final Thoughts

Tiger’s Eye is a power crystal that I can get lost in for hours. I love the dancing lines of golden honey throughout the crystal. When I hold it, I feel as though I can do and be anything. I love the balance that I feel when I meditate with it or when I create a body grid with it. 

I enjoyed learning about the fantastic history of Tiger’s Eye, and I love the seep connection it has with the Ancient Egyptians. I have always been entirely mesmerized by the history of those times, and it is fascinating to learn about it. 

So, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have, and if you have – please leave me a comment below. Commenting on the blog posts helps Google find Gemstorm Relevation, and in turn, helps those that need to find me and hear/read my messages. 

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Bloodstone – The Cleansing Stone

Bloodstone has a rich history and very rich in its colour. It has many properties to assist the bodies, and it is believed to be able to help with some magical anti-drought rituals.

First, let’s take a glance at this crystal.

Colour: Dark green with red, orange, and white.
Zodiac: Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Root

History & Mythology

Bloodstone - History & Mythology

In Christian lore, it is said that Bloodstone was created by the blood of Christ. As he hung crucified on the cross, his blood dropped onto Green Jasper, making what we know now as Bloodstone.

However, Bloodstone was treasured long before Christ. Our ancestors knew this crystal as Heliotrope, aka Sun Stone. In Greek, Helios translates to “Sun”  and trepein “to attract.” Civilizations dated as far back as Mesopotamia used Bloodstone for healing. It is connected to blood and detoxification of the organs. They would dip the crystal in cold water and place it on the body to aid circulation and to add the power of the sun into the aura; this added protection to the body from illnesses, injury, disease, and even cure wounds. For this reason, Ancient warriors often carried it as a talisman for protection and courage, but it also has many beneficial properties that help on the battlefield.

Bloodstone Properties in the Bodies

Bloodstone properties in the bodies

Physical Body

-Purifies blood
-Provides physical energy
-Increases endurance
-Stimulates the immune system
-Detoxifying for the physical body
-Aids with circulation
-Stimulates hormonal balance
-Relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause

Mental Body 

-Provides courage
-Provides inner strength
-Increases mental clarity
-Aids in decision making
-Provides mental energy
-Increase creativity and visualization

Emotional Body

-Provides determination
-Assists with emotions associated with being bullied and/or abandoned
-Calms the emotional body
-Provides nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency

Spiritual Body

-Protective of energy and grounding
-Heightens intuition
-Grounds all the bodies together
-Aids the opening to Christ consciousness
-Helps bring spirituality
-Blocks negativity from entering the aura
-Used in past life regression
-Can help reveal ancestral karmas

Uses for Bloodstone

Crystal Uses

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by outstanding artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grid – Grid your Bloodstones with Clear Quartz points in the home to protect and balance the energies within. It will deter beings with ill intentions from entering the home or interacting with members in the home.
You can even grid your own body to bring balance to the lower Chakras and Heart. I know we haven’t discussed gridding on the body, and it is a topic I will get further into in the future. However, for this purpose, I would recommend 4 Bloodstone crystals and 5 Clear Quartz points. Lay on your bed or yoga mat with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms out slightly (not tight to the body). Bloodstone placement: 1 between the knees, one on each side of the hips, one on the heart. Clear Quartz points placement: make sure all points are directed away from the body. Place one at the bottom of each foot, one at each shoulder (on a 45-degree angle), and one above the head’s top. The points will direct the energy in, and the Bloodstone will balance to allow that fresh energy in.

Chakra Healing with Bloodstone

Chakra Healing with Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an excellent healing stone, primarily used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras to the heart; it aids in the balance of the total body to overcome stress. Bloodstone is mainly stimulating to the root and heart chakras.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine; this Chakra controls the energy of movement. It is the very foundation of physical and Earth energies. When the Root is out of balance, it can make us feel exhausted, no enthusiasm, and no need to be continuously distracted. On a spiritual level, when the energies are out of balance, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and reality. When in harmony, the physical body regains strength, the spiritual body connects to reality, and we feel more secure and a strong sense of power.

The Heart Chakra, located at the center of the chest, this center regulates how we perceive situations and events. When this Chakra is out of balance, we push relationships away, we become overly critical and we become over-sensitive. When it is in balance, we can understand our needs more. Clearly, we can handle day to day stress better, and our relationships become more loving (if they are meant to).

If you suspect either of these Chakras is out of alignment, use the Bloodstone in meditation to receive the balance. You could also create a grid with Bloodstone and Clear Quartz to balance all the energies in the home to a more loving and secure space.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts - Bloodstone

I adore the energy of Bloodstone. It feels strong and secure – and helps me feel like I can overcome anything. When I have challenging emotions to face, I always turn to Bloodstone to help keep me grounded and together. Almost every time, it helps calm me enough to be able to see the bigger picture of what’s happening and centers me back into the present moment.

Whenever I feel that I need to protect my energy, or if my bodies feel out of alignment, Bloodstone is one of my go-to crystals for that.

I love that Bloodstone has such a magical history. I genuinely believe that even though we are in the age of “information,” our ancestors knew how to use the Earth and all it provided for us – they didn’t have modern medicines. Even though the life span was shorter, they made terrific efforts with what was available to them.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo

Black Tourmaline – The Protection Stone

Black Tourmaline is an incredible stone with incredible energy. It may not be as “pretty” as other stones, but it is VERY powerful. I find irony in its power because it is a very fragile stone. You must be very cautious when handling a piece as the segments can easily break off. Let’s get into the power that this stone can bring to your day to day life. 


Black Tourmaline - History

Black Tourmaline used to be called, and sometimes still is, Schorl as far back as the 1400s. Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone, and the gemstone can be found in a wide variety of colours. It is a crystal that is available on every content globally; however, 95% of it comes in the colour black, making your coloured tourmalines incredibly rare.

Ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline to aid in protection and grounding during spell casting. Today it is still highly revered as a talisman of protection as it is able to protect the user from negative energies, entities, or destructive forces.

Black Tourmaline Properties in the Bodies

Black Tourmaline - Properties in the Bodies

Physical Body:

-Guards against radiation and environmental pollutants
-Strengthens sense of smell
-Stimulates reflex points in the lower body
-Assists with motion sickness
-Strengthens the immune system
-Assists with hand/eye coordination
-Increases physical energy


Mental Body:

-Purifies negative thoughts
-Neutralizes internal conflicts
-Helps to dissolve phobias
-Helps to overcome substance abuse
-Promotes rational thought
-Inspires a positive attitude
-Stimulates creativity


Emotional Body:

-Promotes self-confidence
-Soothes panic attacks
-Cleanses the emotional body
-Helps remove negative thoughts

Spiritual Body:

-Connection to earth
-Promotes a sense of power
-Protects the user during ritual work
-Associated with the Root Chakra
-Promotes grace during difficult times
-Maintains spiritual consciousness
-Clears blockages in the aura
-Removes negative energy
-Connection to nature

Uses for Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Uses

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grids, Black Tourmaline, is the optimal Crystal to use in gridding for grounding and protection rituals.

Other Uses:
Home Protection:
-Place a large piece near the entry of your home or outside of the door to help protect against negative energies entering. People with bad intentions will be less likely to enter the premises. Put a small piece on every window and door frame to continue repelling the negative energy.

Personal Protection:
– Keep a large piece next to your bed to help prevent night terrors

– If someone in the home is suffering from depression, put a piece in each corner of their bedroom

Visualization Meditation Practice

For this exercise, having 3 pieces of Black Tourmaline is ideal; however, 1 will do. Cleanse stone(s) before starting exercise. To cleanse, use smoke from sage, or an incense, allow the stone to bathe in the smoke. Energize the crystal in either moonlight or sunlight for 2 hours minimum. (I typically leave my stones in the window sill overnight to charge)

1. Turn off your phone to ensure you will not be disturbed, allow roughly 30 minutes for this exercise.

2. Sit in an upright chair, crisscrossed yoga posture, or lie down. Take off shoes and socks.

3. Grab your cleansed crystals, place one at the base of your spine, sit on it (if you only have one stone, make sure this is where you place it). Place one in each palm (palms facing upwards)

4. Begin to breathe deeply, do this for 3-5 minutes.

5. Be aware of the ground beneath you, and start to visualize a strong root growing out from your spine out through the soles of your feet.

6. Imagine you are a tiny seed of life force energy. Tiny roots growing out from the spinal root, seeking nourishment from the earth. They are looking for water. Your task is to see the network of roots taking up water, passing it into your body through the base chakra (root Chakra, Muladhara chakra)

7. Now, see your spine as the trunk of a tree. Check that your body is finely balanced on either side of the spine.

8. Visualize your head in the element of air. Now you can see yourself fully as a tree with roots, trunk, and branches.

9. Look closely at the branches; what type of leaves do they have? Do they have flowers or fruit on them? Accept whatever it is that you see.

10. Now focus inwardly, realizing that you draw nourishment from the earth, just like a tree. In the world of energy vibration, nothing is separate: you and the tree are one.

11. When you are ready to finish, breathe in more deeply. Let go of the tree visualization. Reach down to your feet and rub them, then rub your legs.

12. Hold all your crystals in your hands, share your breath on them, thank them for their energy.

13. Stretch your body, remembering that you are a tree reaching up to the light.

14. Make notes of your experience in a journal

* This exercise is on page 114 in the Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

Energy Healing with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Energy Healing

Black Tourmaline may be used to activate grounding between the Root Chakra and the center of the Earth, providing further enhancement of one’s well-being on the physical plane.

The Base, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine and controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. 

When physically out of balance, the symptoms can appear, such as lethargy, low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. When its spiritual energies are out of balance, you will feel flighty, disconnected from reality, and distant. When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and a sense of one’s own power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.

Final Thoughts

Black Tourmaline - Final Thoughts

Black Tourmaline is an amazing grounding stone. It really surges that grounding energy that your feet feel completely planted where they stand. It helps you feel so good inside your own body. It feels like safety and protection. This stone can also really help you get a sense of belonging. This is a great stone to give to children in the puberty stage of life, as it can really help them get in tune with their bodies as they undergo such a huge shift in their energies. 

As a protection stone, it can keep bad energies from entering your aura and affecting any of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). It can actually repel the negative energies and send it back to where it came from! (super cool) It neutralizes energy imbalances within your body, and it can also intensify positive energy vibrations! This will repel lower vibrations trying to enter the aura. It is an aura, psychic, and energy shield. It can also protect our bodies from EMF, reduces pain, cleanses and purifies dense energy. Enhances physical wellbeing by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. So much power in this delicate stone!

As always, if you need any help along your journey, please reach out.
Until Next Time, 

Relevate the Day – Anna xo

Clear Quartz – The Crystal of Truth

Clear Quartz is the Crystal of truth and has an abundant supply on this planet; in fact, it is the most known and used Crystal to date. It is used in many of our technological devices such as TVs, watches, pressure gauges, and so much more.

Clear Quartz carries all of the colours visible by humans, all the colours of the rainbow. This makes it an ideal “All Healer” for Chakra balancing as it vibrates at the same frequency as each individual Chakra.

We will dive into everything from properties to uses, effects in the bodies, and so much more.
First, let us have a glance:

Colour: Clear
Zodiac: All signs
Planet: Sun
Element: All elements
Chakra: Crown (all)

History & Mythology

History & Mythology - Clear Quartz

Throughout history Clear Quartz has held value as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria; There, they believed the sun’s energy could be harnessed in the Crystal, creating solar energy refraction. It was also used as diagnostic healing, meditation, and spiritual development in many cultures from Native American, African tribes, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Scots, and countless more. It was also used to dispel evil and protect against psychic attacks.

The creation of Clear Quartz is an interesting story in Greek Legend; the word crystal comes from krystallos (clear ice in Ancient Greek) – it is believed that the Gods shared their celestial water with the Earth to provide an everlasting connection to them. They froze the celestial water in the heavens and sent it to Earth – this freezing process ensured that the ice would never melt.

Others believe that it is Mother Earth’s greatest gift to humans, for all that it can assist with and the opening to spirituality that can be facilitated through the Crystal itself. Either way, the Crystal has unequivocal energy to it, and as you read on, I’m sure you will find many things that it can assist you with.

Clear Quartz Properties in the Bodies

Physical Body:

-Stimulates the immune system
-Stimulates the circulatory system
-Physical energy boost
-Increases strength
-Aids with memory retention
-Aids with sleep
-Helpful with migraines, vertigo and can stabilize dizziness
-Assists the metabolism
-Can soothe pain in the body
-Regulates energy
-Enhances the function of organs
-Eases dental pain or problems

Mental Body:

-Encourages optimistic thought
-Aids in decision making
-Clear mind
-Brings clarity to situations
-Aids with concentration
-Opens perception
-Aids with perseverance

Emotional Body:

-Stimulates positive thought
-Promotes tolerance and diversity
-Encourages harmonious living
-Aids with acceptance of self and others
-Balances emotions
-Encourages emotional healing
-Brings joy

Spiritual Body:

-Harmonizes all chakras
-Cleanses and balances the Crown chakra
-Pure yang energy
-Represents new beginnings
-Absorbs negative energies
-Soul cleansing
-Increases awareness
-Connects to higher planes of existence

Uses for Clear Quartz

Uses for Clear Quartz

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grids, Clear Quartz, is the optimal Crystal to use in gridding. It has the capability of amplifying the crystals around it – charging and increasing the energies of the crystals around it and intensifying the intention set within each Crystal and grid.
Other uses:
-Give to a newborn, keep in a child’s room throughout childhood; the Crystal will attune to the child’s energy and become a personal guide for them through life.
-Place Clear Quartz under an elderly pets’ bed to help revitalize energy and generally better health.
-If you need an energy boost, a bath infused with Clear Quartz can increase physical energy.


Clear Quartz Shapes

Shapes are a crucial topic to cover; we have many shapes available to us, from points to wands, to spheres and pyramids, to animals and flowers, to bowls and other various adults “entertainment” items. Many forms of Clear Quartz hold different meanings, and it will be a topic I will get into under Crystal Education (stay tuned)

Clear Quartz Shapes

With clear Quartz, there are some specific things that certain shapes can help with, and I will provide you with just a small list specifically considering Clear Quartz, but know that this information does translate to all other crystals in these shapes.
Point: This is where one end comes to a point; we use these to direct energy. For instance, to bring energy in, have a point directed where you want the energy to go. If you need energy out, place the point away from the object. This is a prevalent shape for Clear Quartz for healers.
Double point: This is a crystal that is pointed on both ends, and it channels the energy in both directions. Removing energies no longer needed in the body and replacing it with divine light from the Clear Quartz.
Cluster: It isn’t exactly a shape but has an honourable mention here as it assists with some things in the home. Such as; Placing a cluster in the room will aid with harmonious living for all in the house. If you live in a community where you can have everyone with one cluster, you could grid your community to help harmony. You can also use a cluster near electronics to help reduce the technological smog and eye strain.

Chakra Healing with Clear Quartz

Chakra Healing with Clear Quartz

Because Clear Quartz contains all the colours of the rainbow within it, it can resonate with each Chakra individually and as a whole system, creating balance and harmony. It is mostly related to the Crown Chakra’s function; it opens the Chakra to a higher power. It is the window into the etheric world, where we can receive guidance and messages from the Angels. It’s the attunement to a higher perception of this life and world; it’s the acceptance of all and understanding on a much deeper level the true meaning to life. Having the Crown Chakra balanced and open to receiving truly can change a mindset that will bring about miracles.

Final Thoughts

Clear Quartz Final thoughts

Clear Quartz is a genuinely versatile crystal. It helps with our technological advances, it helps all of the bodies, it is all healer of the Chakras, and it has so many varieties and variations that can bring on additional properties to help you on the journey.

Clear Quartz is one of those crystals that I recommend for everyone to have at least one of, whether it is a point or a polished crystal. I also highly recommend a cluster as well. Who doesn’t want harmonious living?!

Now that you know a small fraction about Clear Quartz – I hope it inspires you to find your Quartz Mate. Let it call to you. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you’ll know it when it happens.  Stay tuned for further info on crystal shapes and more specific shapes of Clear Quartz that can help generate energy, bring in abundance, a gateway to other times and planes, and so much more.

If you feel like you are having some issues with your Crown Chakra or maybe feeling completely unbalanced, use the Clear Quartz to help; if you are not feeling a shift in the energy, reach out for your Reiki session.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo

Amethyst – The Tranquility Stone

Amethyst is the most widely used and known crystal globally; it is often referred to as the “All healer.” There is an abundance of this radiant energy available on the planet. We will dive into the rich history; properties, uses, and so much more.

Let us begin with a glance:

Colour: Pale lilac to deep purple
Zodiac: Aquarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

History & Mythology

Amethyst - History & Mythology

Amethyst has many meanings throughout history and cultures.
-In Egypt, it is considered the stone of integrity, given to soldiers not to lose courage in battle.
-In the Christian church, it is considered a gem of purity – primarily associated with Bishops.
-Stone of the Buddha, popular stone to use in prayer beads.
-In northern regions of Africa, they call it the rain making stone; they use it to relieve drought and bring rain

The most interesting part of Amethysts’ history is the Greek mythology associated with it. Amethyst is said to have been a young virgin by that name; she became the object of wrath by the Greek God Dionysus after he became intoxicated with red wine. Amethyst cried out to the Goddess Diana for help, and Diana turned Amethyst into a shimmering white stone (quartz). Once the Greek God became aware of what had happened, he felt remorseful for his actions, and tears landed in his goblet of wine. The goblet overturned; the wine spilled all over the white rock that was Amethyst – saturating it until it became purple quartz known as Amethyst. Amethyst in Greek is Amethustos, and its translation is “undrunken” – it is said that due to the incident with the young virgin, wearing and using the Amethyst crystal helps prevent the effect of alcohol.

Amethyst Properties in the Bodies

Aemthyst properties in the bodies


Physical body properties

-Relieve symptoms of insomnia
-Brings peaceful sleep
-Can protect against technological pollutants (cell phones, cell towers, power, etc.)
-Strengthens the immune system
-Assists with diseases of the lungs and  respiratory tract
-Assists the stomach and liver
-Soothes headaches
-Maintains blood sugar balance
-Can assist with eye strain – keep a piece on top of your computer to help eyes
-Boosts the production of hormones
-Supports better oxygen levels in the body
-Can aid in reducing swelling
-Can assist with hearing disorders

Mental body properties:

-Stress reduction
-Supportive with overcoming addictions
-Aids with frequent nightmares
-Aids with decision making
-Increases intelligence
-Relieves symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder
-Aids hyperactivity in children
-Curbs overindulgence

Emotional body properties:

-Stress reduction
-Soothes anger and impatience
-Balances mood swings
-Alleviates sadness and grief
-Alleviates exhaustion
-Increases passion
-Assists with any emotions that may arise with new endeavours, or things heading in a new direction

Spiritual body properties:

-Effective in meditation
-Assists in developing clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities
-Effective with past life recall
-Activates spiritual awareness
-Associated with 3rd eye and crown chakras
-Brings inner-peace
-Can dispel dark energies
-Aids with clairvoyance, and clairaudience
-Can facilitate past life regression
-Gives beautiful psychic dreams
-Expands the higher mind
-Provides a connection with the divine
-Purifies the aura
-Protects against psychic attacks

Uses for Amethyst

There is no wrong way to use crystals, you can always follow what you are guided to, but I have a few tips here if you’re unsure.

Carry it around with you in a pocket, purse, wallet, and for ladies – in the bra. 
Wear it
 in a piece of jewelry; there are many beautiful pieces by amazing artists out there. Seek what you’re drawn to.

Meditate with it in your dominant hand for releasing, non-dominant for receiving. For example, if you are looking to rid of an old habit, meditate with it in your dominant hand. If you need to obtain some heart energy, place it in the non-dominant.
Grids, beautiful energy enters the home or a room where you lay a grid. You can do this one in many ways.
-First, we have different grid mats that you can use so you know the placement of the crystals and call in the energy of the various ancient geometric patterns.
-You can place a crystal on each outside corner of the home on each floor to grid an entire house.
-Or, you can place one in each corner of the room you are gridding.

Chakra Healing with Amethyst

Chakra Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst carries a very high frequency with it; it attunes mostly with the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras (soul star and stellar gateway).

The Third Eye Chakra is the center of our perception of the outside world and events. It is also the command center where we receive messages from our highest self (God, guides, universe, whatever you call it). When this chakra is in balance, we can see who we truly are, know our desires, and have healthy internal dialogues. However, if the chakra is not in balance, we can struggle with seeing and knowing who we are, with little awareness of what is happening in relationships all around us. The darker purple Amethyst assists with the balancing of this Chakra. You can use it in any of the ways listed above, or you could lay down with the crystal on the chakra and meditate with it on.

The Crown Chakra is the control center of thoughts and how we react. It is also the gateway to an expanded mind and connection to the collective consciousness. When this Chakra is balanced, all energies are balanced through the bodies. Imbalances can cause confusion, brain fog, and difficulties managing day to day life. Use lighter Amethyst for balancing the Crown Chakra.

Final Thoughts

Amethyst Final Thoughts

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal; the energy is unlike any other. As you have read above, it covers so many things that it can aid and assist with, especially sleep issues. I recommend everyone have a piece like pictured above near their bed. It will help keep bad dreams away, bring pleasant dreams in, and full restful sleep – and who doesn’t want that?

If you feel like you are having some issues with your Third Eye or Crown Chakra, use the Amethyst to help. If you are not feeling a shift in the energy, reach out for your Reiki session.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo

Sodalite – The Stone of Logic

Carnelian – The Warrior’s Stone

Carnelian, this stone is so excellent for so many reasons. I love the most about this crystal because when I look at it, I can feel its power. It looks like a fiery sunset with different tones of red, orange, and yellow. I can feel the fire, passion, and empowerment radiate out of it.

Let us start with a glance:

Colour: It can vary on the location the crystal was excavated and the environment. You can find Carnelian crystals anywhere from a dark brown-red mix to a light pink/yellow, and anywhere between the red colour spectrum.
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Chakra: Mainly, the Sacral Chakra, however, depending on the colour of your stone will determine the Chakra it is more suited for; the deep brown/red can be used for the Root, Red/orange is best suited for Sacral, the more yellow-coloured ones are best to assist in matters of the Solar Plexus.

History & Mythology

Carnelian History and mythology

Carnelian holds a lot of history; this stone was cherished by the ancients dating as far back as 300+ years BCE! Royalty and Noblemen would wear amulets for protection; Ancient warriors would adorn talismans to draw in the power of the sun and fire to gain strength and courage. Other cultures covered their deceased in Carnelian to protect their spirits from evil attacks and ensure their spirit’s rebirth.

Carnelian Properties in the Bodies

Carnelian - Properties in the bodies

Physical Body Properties: 

-Aids with lower back problems
-Relieve symptoms of arthritis
-Assists with symptoms of depression
-Aids in fertility complications
-Improves vitamin and mineral absorption
-It can also assist with the circulation of the lower body
-Stimulates healthy appetite
-Increases energy
-Relieve symptoms of PMS or menopause

Mental/Emotional Body Properties:

-Carnelian fills the wearer with:
-Overcome sexual anxiety
-Stimulates creativity
-Beneficial for males facing a mid-life crisis

Spiritual Body Properties- Carnelian is an excellent stone to start with when embarking on a new spiritual journey or to start a re-connection. The spiritual healing properties open us up energetically to allow the healing to begin in the spiritual body (soul). The path to achieving your goals is more natural to see when using the crystal during visualization practices.

-Energizes and stimulates action
-Indecision and procrastination seem to slip away
-A clearer sense of self will allow spiritual energy to flow more freely through the body and aura. The path to achieving your goals will be more easily visualized with the use of this crystal.

Different shades of Carnelian can also hold other properties such as;

True Orange – Feminine passion; receptive energy; fertility

Vibrant Red/Orange – Brown/Red – Signifies virile male energy; romantic desires; love; passion.

Ways to Incorporate Carnelian in your Life

Carnelian ways to use

Carnelian can be helpful for many things; its primary purpose is to bring power, passion, and courage to the wearer. It can also be a protection stone from negative energies and psychic attacks. It can also protect the wearer from poverty by bringing good luck and opportunities.

There are many ways to use any crystal to assist you, and please, if you are called to do something completely different, know that there is no wrong way to use a crystal. Just ensure it is cleansed, charged, and set with an intention. *Click here for information on this*

-Wear it; there is a lot of beautiful jewelry pieces out there, and wearing it is a lovely and easy way to get the energy of the stone in your system. (I can create an authentic and custom piece of jewelry for you as well, send me a message for details)

-Hold it; When we hold a crystal, we want to ensure we are holding it in our non-dominant hand; this is the receiving hand. You can keep it for 5-45 minutes, whatever you feel called to do until you begin to feel better, or ready to release it. You can do this in meditation or hold it. You can also carry it with you in your pocket, purse, or for the ladies, bra.

Placements in the home
-Place Carnelian stones in the south part of a room or home to bring illumination, energy, and warmth into the room or home. -Place near entrances of the house, garages, outer buildings, or at the desk at work to radiate positivity -If things are a little stagnant in the bedroom department’s passion, place one carnelian stone under each corner of the mattress. It will get passionate energy flowing.

Chakra Healing with Carnelian

Carnelian chakra healing

Carnelian is mostly used with the Sacral Chakra; the sacral is directly associated with our self-worth, passion, and sexuality, making it the perfect pair for this Chakra.

This Chakra connects the body to the mind through the emotions being felt; when the Chakra is healthy, the emotions are being processed healthily. However, if the Chakra is low in energy or not functioning correctly, we could be receptive to issues such as; co-dependency, repressed feelings, fear of sex, frustration, and an inability to feel joy.

Carnelian can assist with issues when the Chakra is out of balance, bringing you back to joy, loving life and self, and ready for sexual endeavours providing confidence and self-esteem.

Final Thoughts – Carnelian

Carnelian - Final thoughts

I adore the energy of Carnelian, and I frequently recommend it to my clients. Many of the people attracted to my work suffer from self-image issues, whether self-esteem, confidence, etc. These are the things Carnelian can help with; when you gaze into and see the carnelian crystal, you can’t help but feel motivated, encouraged, and worthy.

I have also received confirming claims of the added aid it brings my clients with joint pain and inflammation.

*as always, recommendations on this website are an added compliment for your regular medical treatment. I am not a medical doctor; please discuss with your medical practitioner.*

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about Carnelian as I did! It truly is a power stone and capable of catapulting you into a beautiful spiritual healing journey. As always, feel free to leave me any comments or questions below; you can also always send out an email as well to

Relevate the day,



Red Jasper – Endurance Stone

Red Jasper is such a beautiful Earth energy, with amazing grounding capabilities. Let’s take a glance at the Red Jasper crystal.

Colour: Varying red colours, from Brick Red to an Orange-red to toned brown reds, and anything in between.
Zodiac: Associated with Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Root

Red Jasper protects against all forms of attack and malevolence. It brings fertility and optimism.

History and Mythology

Red Jasper History and Mythology

Red Jasper is known as a crystal for protection, endurance, passion, and health. Ancient warriors wore red Jasper for protection, endurance, and virility. In ancient Egypt, they used Red Jasper as protective amulets, especially to protect a woman’s fertility and power. Red Jasper has been called the blood of the Earth by Native American tribes. They would use it to stimulate health and rebirth, new ideas and strategies, and increase sensitivity to the Earth’s energies.

Traditionally, Jasper had been used for seals for pressing wax onto envelopes as it was an accessible medium to carve different designs for the seal.

Siegfried, the Dragonslayer, had a sword inlaid with Red Jasper for courage.

Red Jasper – Properties

Red Jasper has a wide variety of things to assist with (remember, crystals are a tool you can use to complement your medical advice from a doctor). I will list just some of the things it can help with for each of the four bodies.

Mental Body

-Alleviates stress
-Calms sexual aggression
-Stimulates passion during creative work
-Manifesting new ideas
-Reactivate passion for living

Emotional Body

-Promotes healthy sexual habits
-Can assist in overcoming jealousy
-Empowerment, bringing strength to hold boundaries
-Gives courage to bullied children
-Stabilizes emotions associated with difficult times, such as; terminal illness, ongoing medical treatments, and remission

Physical Body

-Provides physical energy to complete work tasks
-Supports professionals that require strength and stamina
-Helps regulate metabolic energies
-Supportive through a long-term illness or injury recovery
-Supports the circulatory system
-Increases libido and fertility

Spiritual Body

-Connection to grounding Earth energy
-Eliminates negativity and returns it to the sender
-Clears the mind for meditation
-HIgh spiritual energy
-Astral travel
-Vivid dream recall

Uses for Red Jasper

Uses for Red Jasper

For all uses listed, you have various ways to work with your crystals; in a pocket, purse, jewelry, sleep with it under your pillow, meditate with it, place it on the root chakra for 10-20 minutes. Choose whichever works best for you. Just let the crystal know what you need help with.

Red Jasper can help with menstrual problems or difficulties with menopause. Use Red Jasper as a fertility aid during and after hormonal treatments.

Red Jasper aids with circulation, and it can warm the physical body when cold.

True red coloured Jasper is especially protective against physical and psychic attacks, end cycles of bad luck, and it can return negative energy to the sender. Calms emotions and stabilizes the aura. It can stimulate the rise of kundalini energy throughout the chakras.

*Fun fact – Red Jasper gets its colour from the iron mineral content – much like it’s associated with planet Mars.

Chakra Healing with Red Jasper

chakra healing with red jasper

Red Jasper is associated with the Root Chakra; it is the deep connection with Earth that grounds the root chakra to allow vital Earth energy to enter the body through the feet up into the root. It stabilizes and energizes the physical body.

Red Jasper can stimulate the Root Chakra; it helps connect the brain to the body for movement – helpful to those with some mobility issues.

The root chakra is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy. When the root is low in energy, we feel run down, tired, and constantly need a distraction to avoid true feelings, disconnected, and distant. Red Jasper can bring balance back into the chakra by providing strength, endurance, protection, courage, and grounding into Earth’s energy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jasper can be helpful for several things, as you have seen. What I love the most about this one is the rich history it has through the civilizations, and for the most part, each culture used Red Jasper in the same way; protection.

I have personally experienced amazing creative flow when I have read, and orange coloured crystals around, but there is just something beautiful about Red Jasper. That deep Earth connection helps me to feel grounded in the energy, allowing it to flow through my centers with ease.

My favourite thing to do with Red Jasper is to meditate on the ground with it, especially in wooded areas. It’s almost as if time stands still when I meditate with it in nature; everything slows down just enough to enjoy an actual presence at the moment, to be able to enjoy each moment of meditation fully. It calms my mind and my body at the same time.

Red Jasper was one of the tools I used when I was beginning to connect with the crystals’ power; I used it as an aid through personal development work. It aided in pulling me out of anxiety and depression symptoms. I truly believe using this crystal with other healing modalities has gotten me this far in the journey. I will always have a special place in my heart for this amazing crystal. It’s hard to explain what a crystal connection feels like, but once you have an experience, you can never turn your back on it again; it’s just so good and pure. For me, security was an issue in my childhood; I think this is why I was so drawn to it at the start of this journey. It helped keep me calm and grounded even when it felt like everything around me was falling apart. I had a lot of work to do on my root chakra as it had been severed from my energetic body, I know that may sound alarming, but after lots of inner work, it functions correctly. I notice a huge difference, and most importantly, Red Jasper allowed me to feel safe through every emotion I felt as I healed my chakras.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xo