Welcome to the next major astrological event in June!

This one has just as much energy as the full moon, for a few different reasons. First, we have a solar eclipse happening, we have a new moon in cancer 2020, and we have summer solstice all coming to ahead at the same time. (Oh and throw a Mercury retrograde in there too)

Since the Strawberry full moon on June 5th, you likely have found some answers to the questions you may have been seeking. If you have set some goals or are making decisions that may change the direction of your path, this new moon in cancer 2020 is your time to step up to your dreams and deliver everything you have.

This energy is very intense for a new moon. It is going to be so vital that we practice patience and allow the universe to guide the way it might be too easy to fall into a spiral of chaos, one step at a time, friends.

Let’s read below what each event is bringing to the table for us, and we can understand the circumstances better. Maybe allowing us the space to get the message instead of being lost in the dramatics of the energy.

Solar Eclipse June 2020

New moon in Cancer 2020 - Solar eclipse

We officially entered eclipse season during the Strawberry full moon with a partial lunar eclipse. The new moon in June 2020 is offering up a partial solar eclipse, most of the sun will be covered, but due to placement of the moon, it will leave a sun-ring all around the moon.

This is going to bring some nervous energy, but taking a look to understand what is coming your way will prepare you to witness it, and get mental clarity on the correct direction for your new path, or new twist along the way.

The most substantial aspect of this eclipse is – the sun conjunct moon – this energy brings opportunities, possibilities. Without force or expectation, put yourself in front of your plans for the future. The universe is opening a portal where fresh starts and new beginnings are favoured and celebrated. Now is the time for any action steps the universe is giving you; look for the signs. Communicate with the universe what you want your sign to be. For example, when I am really questioning things or my path/decisions – I ask the universe to send me a sign if I am going in the correct direction, I usually ask for a butterfly. Remember that not seeing the sign is also a sign.

This eclipse is going to cause an imbalance between wants versus needs – the classic inner battle. We will begin to want to do things that we maybe cannot due to restrictions. We may become agitated, feeling like we need personal freedoms to come above responsibilities. The energy can pull us towards pleasure-seeking, impulsiveness, and recklessness. Remain patient with your self. You are learning so much about your inner desires right now that it is easy to get pulled between two worlds. Take time and really lean into the faith that the universe will catch up to your dreams, allow things to unfold, and stop trying to control an outcome. That works against the universe’s will for you, it ultimately has the best plan in place for you. Let it go – surrender

Summer Solstice June 2020

New Moon in Cancer 2020- Summer solstice

The summer solstice is more than longer days, beaches, vacations, etc. Spiritually, it is much deeper than just the placement of our axis. There is a certain energy and buzz that comes with the summer solstice. To understand the energy, let’s explore the deeper meaning of this solstice.

Summer solstice brings an imbalance of day and night. The days are longer than the nights. Creating fierce masculine energy at the time of the solstice.

  • Day – Yang/Masculine energy
  • NIght – Yin/Feminine energy

This can be difficult energy for sensitives as they are usually battling their worthwhile the forceful masculine energy wants to speak out true desires and needs – significant personal clarity. Be patient with yourself my fellow sensitives, it can feel hard to have that fire burning in front of you – let that fire in, the universe has got you.

For everyone, it is going to create shift and change when in conjunction with the other energies floating around. Take it in and enjoy it. Something big is on the way

New Moon in Cancer 2020

New moon in Cancer 2020

This is where the energy is going to become emotional. While we are steeping into passion and greatness, having those inner battles of want versus need, the emotion that the new moon in Cancer 2020 brings is healing, ultimately. This emotional release is allowing growth, and new life (passion) to be born within you. All of these energies are working in favour of forgiveness, release, and clarity for the future. It might feel stressful if you allow all of the energies to take you over. Just breathe and know that you will be ok! I’ll repeat it, be patient. Sometimes the best action is allowing things to unfold.

The new moon in Cancer 2020 also wants to remind us that having fun is ok too. Allow some time for some good old child-like fun! Yes, we want clarity, forge the new path on our journey, but part of that is being able to have fun and laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Closing thoughts

If you are finding it all to be a little too much, then really dive into what you are thankful for. Gratitude during difficult times can be incredibly therapeutic. It makes the ego sit quietly for a moment as you allow your soul to sing praises. Choose to be happy in the now and appreciate all you have, even if it isn’t everything you want. The more you are grateful towards what you have will allow the wants to manifest.

Don’t allow the chaotic energies around you to suck you in. Witness what comes, process it, and let it go. I know it might feel impossible, but nothing is happening to you, it is happening for you. Enjoy the ride.

New Moon in Cancer 2020 – The Ritual

New Moon in Cancer 2020 - The ritual

This energy is really all about choices – so this ritual is going to reflect how to witness wants and needs,

You will need:

  • Journal/paper and pen
  • Smudge stick
  • 3 candles (white)
  • Piece of selenite (if you have it)

Journal prompts
We begin by taking the time to write out all the desires you have for your future, get as specific as you can.

  • I feel healthiest when I am doing _____
  • I feel happiest when I am doing ______
  • I feel my purpose is______
  • o When I think of my purpose, I feel____
  • o I see
  • o I smell
  • o I hear
  • o I taste

Now get really specific about that purpose and imagine that you already have it, and that is is part of your reality now. Paint yourself a picture of how a typical day goes. How do you start the day all the way to how it is ended. Write every detail. Basically, write a “fiction” about what the day in the life of you is when you are serving your purpose.

After journaling is complete, smudge your mediation space and self.

Light 3 white candles

hold selenite in your non-dominant hand

Use a white light meditation found online, or join me on Facebook for a group guided mediation.