This is article six in the chakra lessons – Third Eye chakra. We will look at all the issues that can arise when the Third Eye chakra is out of balance. These issues can affect each of the bodies differently; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. You can find the video on this blog here.

First, let us have a glance:

Colour: Indigo
Key Issues: Balancing the higher and lower selves, trusting inner guidance
Inner aspect: Intuition
Emotional Body: Clarity
Spiritual Body: Meditation
Sanskrit Word: Ajna “servant.”

This chakra is the center of inner vision, imagination, intuition, projection of will, and manifestation.

Fun Fact:

Darwinian theorists claim that the third eye is a remainder from a reptilian stage of human evolution. It may have been the “primary’ eye to form within our brain, making it the first eye.

Chakra Lessons – Third Eye Chakra – Intro

Many physical issues can arise, such as headaches and other general problems in the skull, such as eyes and ears. Constant stress can cause these headaches, and it is usually the body’s way of letting you know that this chakra is not being nourished. You can sustain this chakra with meditation and visualization. It is absolutely vital for our health, both physically and mentally. Shut off for some quiet time once in a while and tune into the chakra through meditation and visualization.

Because of today’s technology-driven world, headaches can appear due to screen time. This can create a lot of tension in the neck. We are frequently looking down at our cell phones and/or computers.

If you want to help the function of this chakra and reduce headaches, take a moment to visualize the colour green. This colour is very calming and healing to the bodies. If you are struggling with visualization and getting the chakra healthy, consider reaching out for assistance from an energy healer.

Chakra Lessons – Third Eye Chakra – The Bodies

Chakra Lessons - Third Eye Chakra - The Bodies


Physical Body

-Sleep disorders

The thyroid issues presented itself in the Throat Chakra as well. It is mentioned here again because the Third Eye Chakra is associated with the pituitary gland. This gland is the endocrine’s systems distribution center for your hormones. All of the endocrine glands work together, and the pituitary orchestrates them all to work together harmoniously. Still, if something is not sending the proper information to the brain, it can cause a malfunction in the endocrine system. You could have too much (hyper) or too little (hypo) hormones going through the system, throwing just about everything in the body off.

The pituitary gland is where melatonin and serotonin output resides. If it is out of balance, it can creat sleep issues. If a sleep disorder is something you are suffering from, please seek some energetic help to get the chakra center flowing more efficiently to balance out the endocrine system. If it is a serotonin deficiency you are facing, this can affect mood, sleep, sexuality, menstrual cycles, and appetite.

Emotional/Spiritual Body

-Spiritual disconnect
-personal disconnect
-racing thoughts
-disrupt true perception
-unable to see a clear path

In the emotional body, the third eye chakra affects the ability to see clearly. You may find yourself questioning the intentions of everyone around you, paranoid. Because you are not able to hear or see the inner vision that we all have. We are unable to connect in relationships and have a dogmatic nature about us.

I put the emotional and spiritual bodies together in the post today because they are so close in affects—disconnect, lack of vision, lack of motivation, racing thoughts that will not stop. If we can connect spiritually, the thoughts can begin to slow down. This is just your body telling you that you have to deal with all of these thoughts, do something with it. Meditate, journal, energy healings, whatever it is that feels good to you that gets the energy flowing.

Chakra Lessons – Third Eye Chakra – Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Chakra

Symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra

-Intuition block
-trouble deciding if thoughts are intuition or fear-based.
-little to no imagination
-cannot recall dreams
-challenges with learning
-difficulty processing new information
-thinking feels clouded or fogged
-develop an ear and/or eye issues
-frequent sinus congestion

Symptoms of an overactive third eye chakra

-suspicious nature
-project our issues onto others
-feed on drama – creating it
-lack of focus and clarity
-prone to burn out
-eye strain

Chakra Lessons – Third Eye Chakra – Helpful Tools

Chakra Lessons - Third Eye Chakra - Helpful Tools


Crystals that support the Third Eye Chakra

Herkimer Diamond is going to be the best crystal to bring an activation to the Third Eye Chakra – activation meaning to clear out blocks so the chakra can function at its optimal frequency. Place the Herkimer diamond directly on the Third Eye Chakra to begin activation.

For calming the Third Eye Chakra, you will want to use Emerald or Sapphire. It does not need to be expensive pieces; you can use small rough/raw crystals.
Emerald– This crystal is all about calm. If you are experiencing more of the overactive traits, placing the emerald on the Third Eye Chakra to help bring peace to the center allowing healing to begin.
Sapphire– It can help bring serenity and calm. It has a quality that will open you to a higher spirituality in the physical body; it can regulate the endocrine system and is extremely helpful in intensely stressful times.

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal to help maintain the health and balance of the Third Eye Chakra. On a physical level, it can assist the thyroid gland function. On a mental/emotional level, use lapis lazuli with the Third Eye Chakra to help access our deep cellular memory, our hurts and fears, it can bring it into awareness for healing, helps us with acceptance of self as well.

Essential Oils that support the Third Eye Chakra


Yoga Poses that activate the Third Eye Chakra

-Downward dog
-Lotus position
-Plough pose

Final Thoughts

Chakra Lessons - Third Eye Chakra - Final Thoughts

If we want to lead a life where we follow our intuition, the universe will give us clarity, vision and will reward our efforts. We must be willing to acknowledge that we have old emotions and pain that need healing. Eventually, we need to be present with those emotions, witness them so we can process and clear the body of energies that are keeping us in pain and discomfort.

We are always at our best and happiest when we allow the guidance of the universe to come through. These energies need to be cleared to make space for what the universe has planned for us. If you are feeling a little stuck, or need some clarity, feel free to reach out and book your Reiki session today.

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xoxo