Hi friends! In today’s post, we are going to be exploring a few topics

  • Moon Phases
  • The new moon in Gemini 2020, what to expect
  • What your sign needs to know about this new moon
  • New moon ritual

First, let’s learn about the moon phases so we can dig into what today’s new moon in Gemini 2020 is all about.

Moon Phases

Lunar phases are like the relationship between the sun and the moon (The god and the goddess) A full moon, for example, is seen to be more potent because the full light of the sun (god) is illuminating the moon (goddess). Depending on the phase, will tell us which energy we are in. Less illumination from the sun means more goddess energy and vice versa.

New Moon – the beginning of the new phase cycle, there is no direct sunlight reflection leaving the moon very small and dull, possibly even unseen.

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. Think of the new moon as not only your fresh start but also a time to retreat to gain strength to begin again with new intentions in mind for the nest phase.

Waxing Crescent – Appears less than half illuminated until it “waxes” or “grows bigger” into the next phase, the first quarter.

This energy represents intention, hopes, and wishes. After recharging under a new moon, your intentions and desires are ready to be planted.

First Quarter – Exactly half of the moon is illuminated, and the other half shadowed.

This moon phase signifies decision-making. It is also a beautiful reminder to balance our illuminated side with our shadow side. It’s about appreciating both sides but recognizing your true self and the desires that come from the heart.

Waxing Gibbous – Not yet fully illuminated, but there is more light than dark.

It is an excellent time for manifestation; your intentions and desires have been growing since the new moon phase, and now is the time for your hard work to come to fruition. It may still take some time to see all accomplishments come to light, but keep goals and intentions strong and true – The wheels ARE in motion.

Full Moon – Full illumination

It represents completion, the height of power, the realization of your desires, and the peak of clarity. A time to celebrate your growth, to take note of your progress, and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Waning Gibbous – After a full moon, the moon wanes (becomes smaller) into the last quarter.

This phase represents release, letting go, forgiveness, and gratitude. As the waning moon, it is time to shrink ego and allow the release. Show gratitude to all the things you are ready to release because those are the things that got you here today, it just no longer serves you, but be thankful for it.

Last Quarter – Half of the moon illuminated, much like the first quarter, now it is just the opposite side illuminated.

It is another reminder to embrace both sides of us, the illuminated side that is motivated, along with our shadow self, that doesn’t always bring out the best in us, a balance needed for the harmony of both sides. It is in the darkness that we can find the light, don’t shy away from those shadow selves. The focus of this phase is letting go of anger and resentment. To cleanse to prepare for the next new moon phase. Be willing to look at what isn’t working for you anymore.

Waning CrescentThe fraction of the moon that is illuminated is decreasing on its way to the new moon phase.

Represents a time of surrender, rest, and recuperate. It isn’t the best time to be setting new intentions, just relax and surrender to the will of the universe. You have been putting the work in through the last seven phases, enjoy and reflect on what worked and maybe what didn’t work so well. You may feel a little down or low energy between this phase and the new moon phase, and it is natural. You have spent the last three phases on releasing and letting go, which takes a lot of emotional energy.

Just as the moon provides an ebb and flows to our oceans, it gives an ebb and flow to our own lives. Some ebbs feel hard, but it will release and allow flow to come back through. Especially when we are doing the work, we need to shift out of limiting beliefs that hold us back, and when we are working on new intentions and goals.

New Moon in Gemini 2020

This new moon in Gemini 2020 brings certain magic, the magic of darkness. Not the kind of darkness that keeps you up at night, but the darkness we fall into while on the cusp of transformation—the darkness of the unknown.

As this new moon falls into the sign of Gemini – the twins – we may feel pulled in two opposite directions. Our hearts and our mind have a bit of a disconnect in wants and desires. Or, we may simply feel confused and lost as to what those wants and desires even are. It could bring about a sense of loss or hopelessness. The dark night of a new moon can seem never-ending, but the light always returns—every single time.

Retrograde Saturn is also playing a part in this new moon. It helps to provide grounded energy that the Gemini needs. Gemini’s are known for indecisiveness, and being a bit aloof, this will help us to set new goals, and to think things through more methodically and practically.

It is time to use our power of creation and to make decisions that will stand the test of time. What we set in motion during this new moon is going to follow us around for the remainder of the year, be wise, to accomplish lasting decisions, it is essential to dig into what is happening in our lives. What is working? What is not working? Think long term goals and put them into place as best as you can.

New Moon in Gemini 2020 – for the Zodiac Signs

Aries – March 21-April 19

Because Gemini energy can cause some of us verbal explosions, you will need to be very cautious. Watch the impulses you may have to say something you may regret later, saying something you do not mean, or spilling secrets (even your own). Think before you speak.

Taurus – April 20-May 20

Stay open to advise and kindness of others, try not to let your stubbornness get in the way because you will likely find more accomplishment with the help and advice of others. Do not let pride and ego take the wheel.

Gemini – May 21-June 20

It is time for you to take a step back. Things are starting to boil over, the workload, both personal and professional. It can lead to frustration, and fog in your vision, put your faith back into the universe that all is well. Take time to find some new practices that can help you express yourself. A clear direction will become apparent in time for intention setting in the next moon phase.

Cancer – June 21-July 22

Your intuition and guides are very close to you at this time. Take some time for reflection, soul-searching, and intention setting; your highest self knows what is best for you. Allow it to come. It will help you center and recalibrate.

Leo – July 23-Aug 22

This Gemini moon will have you questioning all the relationships around you. Embrace your leadership qualities and allow those to fall from your contacts that do not fit your purpose any longer. Remove the saboteurs, they are holding you back from the fire from within.

Virgo – Aug 23-Sept 22

At this time, you are reflecting on the partnerships in your life, and they need a tune-up. This change isn’t necessarily going to be an easy one. You must dig deep and find that inner strength to know when to let a partnership go that is no longer on the same trajectory as you.

Libra – Sept 23-Oct 22

At this time, the focus may be challenging for you; however, it is vital to stay on track. Fantasy can be fun, and there is nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, but do not let it consume your time. Putting in the work now will guarantee results.

Scorpio – Oct 23-Nov 21

You have come out of a super moon in your sign, and things might still be feeling a little blurry and surreal. But this energy is going to bring a “fresh start” vibe for you. It is a time to ground, protect your energy and aura, and get your space back (whether that be reorganizing your area or clearing space in your mind). It will help you lay down the foundation of some much-needed boundaries, with self and others.

Sagittarius – Nov 22- Dec 21

This Gemini moon is begging you to find balance. It has been effortless for you to lose yourself in your professional matters, but the relationships around you are suffering. Focus your attention on ways to balance professional and personal relationships so you can stop leaking energy everywhere from the people wanting a bit of your time.

Capricorn – Dec 22-Jan 19

It is going to be easy to get lost in gossip traps at this time. You have to try to avoid the rumour mill because it is going to interfere with your bigger picture plans. Gossip is a massive energy leak that brings the energy in your body down, shutting off abundance. Focus on your personal goals and get back to business.

Aquarius – Jan 20-Feb 18

This moon can trigger some disconnects with financial matters. Do not overspend at this time. You have to adapt and get creative with ways to save and make do with what you have.

Pisces – Feb 19-March 20

You feel on fire right now! The energy of motivation and inspiration is very high at this time. This moon is encouraging you to take a bit of time in reflection, though. Reflect on what it is that you want so you can reel in that energy and focus it on your passion instead of having multiple ventures on the go, eventually draining you entirely.

New Moon Ritual

Since this new moon has a lot to do with reflection and a disconnect between heart and mind, this ritual can help remove stagnant energies from the aura. Removing these energies from the aura will assist the disconnection between heart and mind, assist with indecision that you may be facing, and transform the low vibration energy back into alignment with your highest self.

What you will need:

  • Smudge stick of choice
  • Glass bowl or jar
  • Filtered or distilled water
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • 1-3 drops of essential oil of choice
  • Flowers or herbs of choice (dried or fresh)
  • Journal and pen

1. The first step is making moon water. Have your bowl clean and ready to go, mash up your flowers or herbs and place in the bowl, add essential oils to bowl, then fill bowl (or jar, whichever you use) with the water. Place the bowl outside where the moon’s energy can penetrate it. Let it sit out overnight

2. Smudge your aura and meditation space with a smudge stick of your choosing. If you don’t have anything, oils and incense work just fine as well. As you are cleansing, say, “I cleanse my aura and space with the power of love and light. I cleanse my aura of anything that is holding me back. I release and let go. I am complete. I am me”.

3. Sit or lay comfortably and put on a moon meditation

4. After meditation, it is time to journal with these prompts.

  • I want the rest of the year to be
  • I am willing to release
  • I am at my happiest when

5. In the morning, retrieve your moon water.

  • Transfer the water to a spray bottle, if you have one, removing any larger pieces of flowers or herbs that will not fit.
  • Spritz your aura and space while reciting a mantra or state an intention. IE: I am ready to receive the blessings of this moon water, May this moon water guide me to my path, May this moon water bring me clarity, etc. Whatever feels right for you.

This moon water can also be used to re-energize your crystals, place any nonporous stones into the water for a few hours to allow it to soak up the moon energy that has been infused in the water.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about the eight moon phases, and seeing what this new moon is bringing to your sign for the next couple of weeks.

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