Now that we have extensively looked at the Seven major Chakras, it’s time to introduce you to the minor chakras that contribute to your energy. Just because they are named “minor Chakras” this does not diminish their importance. It is more along the line of, once the main ones are functioning then take a look at the function of these more etheric chakras.  Follow along in this chakra lesson, minor chakras. You can get the video of this lesson here.

Earth Star Chakra

At a glance:

Colour: Black (magenta when activated)
Location: Bottoms of feet, spreading out into a circle
Inner aspect: Restructuring of human DNA
Physical body: Awareness of nature
Mental body: Overcoming polarity
Spiritual body: Preparation for light body ascension

Next in the chakra lesson – minor chakras, we will look at crystals to use with Earth Star Chakra.
Activation: Clear Quartz
Balance, and heal: Black or green tourmaline, moss agate, black obsidian, rose quartz, turquoise, moonstone, smokey quartz

Chakra Lessons - Minor Chakras - Earth Star

The earth star chakra is what allows the energy to be absorbed into the body from mother earth. If you have been experiencing any kind of pain in the feet, there is a chance that you are not grounded in your energy, and it will have a tough time reaching the primary chakra system. Ego fear and anxiety are likely ruling the physical body preventing that earth connection that our energetic and spiritual bodies need to function at its highest potential.

When our feet make contact with the Earth, it remembers our footsteps no matter the current existence, it recognizes the energy of our Earth Star, as that Chakra travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. We walk on the Earth, where many have before us, and many will after us.

Causal Chakra

Colour: White
Location: Back of head, roughly 4 inches below the crown, on the back of the head
Inner aspect: Guide present life
Mental body: Reprogramming
Spiritual body: an exploration of spirit

Next in the chakra lesson – minor chakras, we will look at crystals to use with Causal Chakra.
Balance: Celestite, and moonstone
Activation: Kyanite

Chakra Lessons - Minor Chakras
The causal Chakra is the information center for messages and inspiration from the divine. When this Chakra is in balance, we gain the qualities of compassion, love, intuition, and purity. Here we explore spirituality and higher wisdom. It opens the right brain opening that intuition and creativity.

This Chakra is very much in line with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra; it opens up that gateway between them that allows intuition for flow, which allows a connection between the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. This is where the connection to any or all of the clairs come in;
Clairvoyance means clear seeing
Clairaudience means clear hearing
Clairsentience means clear feeling
Clairalience means clear smelling
Clairgustance means clear tasting
Claircognizance means clear knowing


Soul Star Chakra

Colour: White, Golden, or Magenta (it’s unclear which colour for sure as it has been seen as any of these colours. It is a slight debate among the community)
Location: Six inches above the head (directly in line above the Crown Chakra)
Inner aspect: Connection to the higher self

Next in the chakra lesson – minor chakras, we will look at crystals to use with Soul Star Chakra.
Balance: Kyanite (blue), and Clear Quartz
Activation: Selenite, Moldavite
Connect: Angel Aura Quartz

Chakra Lessons - Minor Chakras - Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is the storage bank of your soul. It holds the direct connection to your highest self, Akashic records (this is the records of all your past lives), and karmic past. When you access the akashic records, it will tell you every being that your soul has ever been, the timeline, who you were, what you’ve done, the karmas that you may carry from past and present life (both good and bad karmas). This is all in the Soul Star Chakra, consider it the personal diary of your soul.

Stellar Gateway Chakra

Colour: Pure gold
Location: Twelve inches above the head (in direct alignment with Crown and Soul Star Chakras)

Next in the chakra lesson – minor chakras, we will look at crystals to use with Stellar Gateway Chakra.

Chakra Lessons - Minor Chakras - Stellar Gateway

There are no crystals for activation of the Stellar Gateway Chakra. It can only be activated when all of the chakras are activated and balanced. It will be up to the individual, and the collective, for when the activation is needed, this is when the world is ready for your gifts and knowledge. We can prepare for activation by practicing acts of unconditional love, being non-judgemental, acting with compassion and grace toward all living things. The crystal suggestions that I have for this Chakra is to serve as an assistant to the Stellar Gateway Chakra.

Moldavite – Assists with “cosmovision” assists the clarity of higher purpose and intention
Selenite – can balance most of the Chakras on its own, therefore aligning everything to promote the activation of the Stellar Gateway Chakra.


If you do enough research, you will find that there are many different beliefs on the number of chakras that each being can possess. Some believe solely in the main seven chakra system (this is what all of the lessons have been focused on), some believe in hundreds, maybe even thousands of chakras up in the cosmos that we are connected to.

If you wanted to explore and learn more about chakras in other traditions, you could research:
Taoism – Chinese principles created 3500 BCE for the “way of long life.”
The Kabbalah (Cabala, Cabbala, Cabalah, and Qabala) – An ancient esoteric Jewish system dating from the 12th century.
Sufism and the Seven Lataif – The practice of an esoteric and mystic branch of Islam dating back to the 8th century.
Inca and Mayan Teachings – Beliefs that humans are the bridge between heaven and Earth, 250 CE
Shamanism – Practices are drawn from widely dispersed cultures and periods

Chakra Lessons - Minor Chakras - Conclusion

Whatever your beliefs, so long as we focus on balancing and regularly cleaning the chakras, we should have a well-balanced life where love and joy are effortless, where manifestation happens quickly, and radical transformations happen. We find ourselves shedding old beliefs that have made us small and “safe.” Through this work, you will discover that there is nothing safe about living in a state of constant fear, anger, anxiety, or grief. You will relevate your soul and spirit closer and closer to purpose every time you practice self-healing modalities such as reiki, meditation, crystals, whichever works for you and helps you feel that divine connection.

Until next time,
Relevate the day,

Anna – xo