This is article seven in the chakra lessons, and we are at the end of the Seven Chakra System, there are other beliefs that we have many other chakras, minor chakras, etc. We will explore all of those in another blog post in the lesson section. If you would like to view the video on this lesson, you can see it here 

First, let us take a glance at the Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet
Key issues: Inner wisdom, death of the body
Inner aspect – Release of Karma
Physical Body: Meditation
Mental Body: Universal consciousness
Emotional Body: Beingness
Spiritual Body: Unity through transcendental consciousness
Sanskrit word: Sahasrara – “A thousand petals.”

Chakra Lessons – Crown Chakra – Intro

The crown chakra is what can connect us to universal consciousness. Having this chakra operating at its optimal function will allow you to see the bigger picture of what life is. It helps open the mind to many perceptions of reality. Many physical ailments can arise through this chakra when it is not maintained.

Chakra Lessons – Crown Chakra – The Bodies

Chakra Lessons - Crown Chakra - The Bodies

Physical Body

Headaches – overburdened mind due to suppression of thoughts and/or feelings, or obsession
Epilepsy – This happens when there is a disconnect/misalignment in all the bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual)
Paralysis – Deep trauma causing us to deny life.
Parkinson’s disease – Tremors that may indicate fear from past, or of the future, or the way we move in the physical body
High blood pressure – bottling up anger and emotions (also linked to the Heart Chakra)

Indian teachings indicate that all of our physical disease and ailments are the result of a separation from the infinite universe. Our Auric field and chakras are vital in keeping us healthy.

Emotional/Mental Body

-Obsessive attachments
-Close Minded-ness
-Living in fantasy
-Disconnection with reality

This chakra on an emotional level generates devotion, inspirational and prophetic thought, mystical connection, and transcendental ideas when in balance.

Spiritual Body

-Lack of motivation
-Stagnant and low energies

This Chakra on a spiritual level connects us to humanity. It is here that we can see the bigger picture of the human connection, and an understanding of our interconnectedness. This chakra is the gateway for pranic energy to enter the physical body. This fills us with vital energy making us feel alive and vibrant.

Chakra Lessons – Crown Chakra – Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Chakra


-Inability to think for self
-unable to trust our wisdom
-Easily swayed by others
-Growth feels blocked
-Resistance to believing in a higher power
-Lack of faith
-Ethical and Moral boundaries are unclear in the mind
-Hair loss issues


-Ungrounded/spacey energy
-Difficulties managing day to day life
-Lack of accountability
-Impose spiritual beliefs upon others
-Mental illness

Chakra Lessons – Crown Chakra – Helpful Tools

Chakra Lessons - Crown Chakra - Helpful Tools


Crystals that support the Crown Chakra

To activate the Crown Chakra (clear blocks), you will want Celestite or Blue Sapphire
Celestite – “Stone of Heaven”  Reduces stress and aids relaxation. It works with the higher chakras (chakras beyond the traditional seven system). It upgrades the users’ vibration bringing them closer to purpose and destiny.
Blue Sapphire – It can help bring serenity and calm. It has a quality that will open you to a higher spirituality in the physical body; it can regulate the endocrine system and is extremely helpful in intensely stressful times.

Crystals to calm an overactive Crown Chakra are Charoite and Sugilite.
These crystals can be used interchangeably as they both have similar qualities. They are both considered stones of transformation, especially in matters of the Crown Chakra. They both encourage deep sleep and assists with any disturbances in the brain.

Crystals to balance the Crown Chakra, these are best used when the chakra is healthy, this will maintain its function.
Clear Quartz – This is known as a master healing stone as it contains all of the colours we can visibly see. It helps to bring clarity and unclouded thoughts.
Amethyst – This crystal can bring psychic gifts to the user, use in meditation to bring tranquillity to your practice and help quiet the mind. Amethyst can assist with the connection between the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Opening up these chakras together helps to open the gifts we all innately have in our DNA, anyone is capable of any of the clairs – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentient, etc.

Essential oils that support the Crown Chakra

  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Rosewood
  • Linden
  • Lotus or water lily

Yoga poses to open the Crown Chakra

  • Headstand
  • Crane Pose
  • Sarvangasana 1 (Shoulder stand)

Final Thoughts

Chakra Lessons - Crown Chakra - Final Thoughts

The Crown Chakra can open up the spiritual world to you if you allow it to. There is great knowledge and growth to be had with a well-balanced Crown. It is essential to be aware of your spirituality and practice faith for the function of this chakra. This is our divine connection to universal consciousness.

When I stated that Sahasrara translated to “servant,” this isn’t your usual thought of a servant. The crown chakra is the servant of God; this is where we get our downloads and messages from the universe. Having this connection allows you to see the bigger picture and open you up to the path you are meant to lead.  Without having this connection, we will often find ourselves on auto-pilot just trying to make it through each day. There is so much more to this existence than meet the eye, very much beyond our capable comprehension.

Be open-minded and ready to receive what the universe wants to provide for you. Your angels are waiting for you to wake up and see what this existence is really about, they want to get you on the path to your purpose. The longer we hold back, the longer we are robbing the world of our unique gifts. Choose to start today and let the world see you shine. You are worth it, you are capable, and you are here for a very specific reason. Book your Reiki session today to jump start your journey to radical transformation. 

Until next time,
Relevate the day – Anna xoxo