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Healing Protection Pendant- Root Chakra- Reiki Charged. Shungite is energizing and can help with grounding, aura protection and provides EMF protection.


EMF – The chemical makeup of Shungite has proven to be effective in blocking harmful EMF. This mineral contains fullerenes – this means the mineral is contained of mostly carbon and that it has dome cage structures on a molecular level. It is that carbon structure, or “fullerenes” that can inhibit EMF from electronics, cell towers, power bars, microwaves, and more.


Shungite- The Neutralizer, Purifying Stone, Root Chakra
Grounding, Protection, Digital Detox, Strongest of mineral healers, carries the energy of Earth. Excellent meditation stone, Powerful for spirit, relieves anxiety, aids insomnia, boosts energy, reduces stress. It provides a shield of protection around your Aura and physical body.


**Claims of how crystals can physically help are only a suggestion for additional support, always consult a medical doctor. **


The pendant is 1.25″ x .5″ comes with a 20”-22” wax cord necklace with clasp – black.
It also comes cleansed with sage and filled with Reiki energy to amplify the properties further.


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