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These bracelets are unique as they are filled with the healing energy of Reiki. So the bracelet can get straight to work on any dull Chakra centers.

This one has the added bonus of the sweet smell of the sandalwood – the aroma is said to promote relaxation, and increases spirituality. It can relax the throat and heart chakras – purifies negative energy in the body and aura.

The chakras are a system of 7 main energy centres that begin at the base of the spine to the top of the head. This bracelet caters to the individual needs of the wearer. The Chakras are believed to bring balance in all of the bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual)
A well-balanced system will generate a beautiful flow in life.


Stones include:

Root – African Bloodstone – Grounding, Heightens intuition

Sacral – Carnelian – Abundance, Wellbeing, stimulates creativity

Solar Plexes – Tiger’s eye – Protection, mental clarity, Focus

Heart – Rose quartz – Unconditional love, compassion, self-love

Throat – Sodalite – Clear communication, promotes rational thoughts

Third eye – Lapis Lazuli – Connect to inner guidance, self-awareness, and expression

Crown – Amethyst – Spirituality, connection to higher realms, Tranquility of the bodies


Each bracelet is approx 7″ in diameter, with 4mm beads. making it the perfect size to stack bracelets. Check out my shop for more “stacker” bracelets


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